The Case for the Personhood of Aunt Flo


Did you know that your period is an exact replica of a person? It has its own name, Aunt Flo; it has interests, from accounting to women’s health; and it even has feelings, though sometimes it can be a little crazy. The point is, if you think about your period as a person instead of just something that happens to you every month, the idea of menstruation might not seem so gross. (And if we’re being honest, a lot of people still find periods pretty gross.) In this article we’ll explore the many sides of Aunt Flo and all the different things she does for us every month. Spoiler alert: her work goes far beyond helping us get pregnant or not get pregnant!

Does this sound like a person to you?

Does this sound like a person to you? Aunt Flo is a woman’s best friend and worst enemy. She’s an accountant, but not as crazy as she used to be. Your period is an important predictor of your overall health—and if it’s not treated with respect, then your mental wellbeing may suffer in the long run.

Aunt Flo: A woman’s best friend and worst enemy

Aunt Flo has been around since time immemorial—a fixture in our lives that we have no control over once every month or so. Depending on which day she decides to pay a visit, Aunt Flo can be either our most cherished friend or our greatest adversary (if you’ve ever dealt with menstrual pain). But what exactly is this mysterious entity called ‘Aunt Flo’? And why should we care about her?

Aunt Flo is a woman’s best friend and worst enemy.

Aunt Flo is a woman’s best friend and worst enemy. She teaches us that we are powerful, strong, and valuable. But she also reminds us that in this world—a world built by men—we are still not equal to men.

Menstruation is the most natural thing in the world. It’s how our bodies prepare for pregnancy when we want it or need it to happen someday down the road: Aunt Flo comes every month to help make sure all of our eggs are ready for potential fertilization by sperm (if you’re lucky enough). Menstruation is a sign of health: your body works properly if you have periods on time every month without any problems (like cramps). Menstruation is a sign of fertility: some women go their whole lives without having children but still menstruate regularly because they can become pregnant at any point during their cycles if they choose to do so later on in life when they decide it’s right for them. Menstruation is also one more way women show off their womanhood, which makes sense since it takes place inside our bodies where only women live!

I’m going to tell you why Aunt Flo should be considered a person now so everyone understands why these rules should apply specifically towards her.”

Aunt Flo is an accountant.

You know that woman you see on the train, in the office, at parties? The one who’s always laughing and smiling? That’s Aunt Flo. She might have a bit of a temper sometimes, but when it comes down to it, she’s your best friend (sometimes). And if you’re like me and don’t get along with her very well? Well then that just means we need to work harder at understanding each other.

Aunt Flo is pretty amazing in all honesty: she brings us life every month without fail; she makes sure our bodies are working properly; she helps us identify potential health issues; and most importantly (in my opinion), she gives us an excuse for being lazy! Also known as “the girl who gets away with not washing her face because ‘it’s that time of the month.'”

The benefits of having a period may seem obvious, but what about those days when Aunt Flo shows up out of nowhere and ruins everything? You know what I’m talking about: no sleep because of cramps or mood swings or even worse—those leaks!

She’s not as crazy as she used to be.

She’s not as crazy as she used to be.

There are a lot of myths about menstruation that have been passed around and accepted as true throughout history. Menstruation has been called a disease, mental illness, sin, crime, punishment and curse. But there is no evidence to support any of these claims — it’s just ignorance and stigma that cause people to think this way in the first place. When you hear someone say “it’s a woman’s time of the month” or “she’s on her period,” what they’re really saying is: “She’s behaving differently than I would like.”

Your period is an important predictor of your overall health.

Your menstrual cycle is a great predictor of your overall health. It’s a major indicator of fertility and it will tell you how healthy you are now and how likely it is that you’ll be healthy in the future. This means that by looking at your period, we can predict things like:

  • Obesity – If it’s heavy or painful, it might indicate an issue with weight.
  • Cervical cancer – Heavy bleeding might mean there are abnormal cells on your cervix, which could lead to cancer if left unchecked.
  • Diabetes – Heavy bleeding can be a sign that there’s something wrong with your blood sugar levels, which could lead to diabetes later on in life if not managed properly

Aunt Flo desperately needs better PR.

Aunt Flo is not a bad person. She is not a monster, or a demon, or a witch. She does not want to hurt you and she does not wish ill on others. But Aunt Flo—the menstruation cycle—does have a lot of baggage attached to her name.

Here’s the thing: Aunt Flo has been around for ages; she’s just been shunned because of her association with periods and women’s bodies, which are often looked upon as unclean or impure in some cultures (like India). This stigma was perpetuated by patriarchal societies that viewed women as subservient beings whose only purpose was procreation; it also reinforced traditional gender roles in which men were seen as providers while women were responsible for housework and raising children (which they then passed on).

So why do we continue to perpetuate this stigma today?

Because Aunt Flo needs better PR!

The more we know about our periods, the more we can take care of them.

When you’re a menstruating human, it’s important to know your flow.

Why? Because knowing how long your period lasts, what kind of cycle pattern you have, and when you ovulate can help with planning your life.

For example: If a woman wants to get pregnant in the near future but has irregular periods (or no periods at all), she might not realize that she’s ovulating until it’s too late. This is why birth control methods like NuvaRing or IUDs are so effective at preventing pregnancy—they prevent fertilization by being inserted into the uterus directly after ovulation occurs (which can be tracked with an app).

When we understand our bodies’ natural rhythms better than ever before thanks to apps like Clue or Glow and websites like Flow Genome Project—we can live with confidence and ease in a society where there may otherwise exist confusion or misunderstanding about how our bodies work!


Let’s be honest: Aunt Flo is an important part of all women’s lives, but she gets a bad rap. She doesn’t deserve this! As women, we should celebrate our periods rather than hide them away. That’s why I’m here to tell you that the time has come for us to give Aunt Flo more respect and love – even though she can be annoying sometimes.

So what do you think about Aunt Flo? Is she a person? The answer is yes. She deserves our respect and love just like other people in our lives—because she may be annoying sometimes but without her we wouldn’t have life on this planet!

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