10 Mind-Blowing Cooking Games You Need to Play Right Now


It’s time to stop ordering takeout and put the frozen dinners back in your freezer, because we’re going to show you some video games that will take you from kitchen zero to kitchen hero. With these games, you’ll learn everything from how to make a killer black velvet cake on Sara’s Cooking Class to how to be the ultimate burger chef on Burger Cooking Game. So grab your game controller and put on an apron—it’s time to cook!

Cooking Academy

You may not be ready to become a professional chef, but this game will make you feel like one. Cooking Academy is a cooking game that lets you learn how to cook in a variety of different locations and ways. You can learn how to make dishes from around the world, as well as in different seasons and even at different times of day. For example, if you want to know how to make sushi at night, you need only follow the recipe closely enough so that your dish comes out just right!

Whether or not you’re planning on becoming a professional chef someday (or even just looking for some fun with friends), Cooking Academy is sure to teach players all kinds of valuable lessons about cooking techniques while also being an enjoyable experience overall.

Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is a time management game where you have to prepare food as fast as possible. The game has more than 50 customers, each with their own favorite dish. To serve them, you will have to make sure that you have what they want in stock and then start cooking it up right away. This can be done by dragging and dropping the ingredients on a cutting board, or by using the star power buttons if there’s nothing else on hand that fits their needs (you’ll get one star for each correct ingredient). Once everything is prepared, drag each item onto plates before sending them off to customers. If any of your dishes are incorrect or misspelled when being served out onto plates (e.g., “Cheeseburger” instead of “Cheeseburgers”), those orders will be lost forever!

Burger Cooking Game

The game involves you cooking burgers and serving them to customers. You have to make sure that your patties are cooked properly so that it doesn’t fall apart when the customer picks it up. The game’s difficulty level increases as you progress through the levels, so it gets more challenging as you play.

The gameplay is pretty simple: You have to drag and drop ingredients onto the patty, which has a blank face where eyes should be. This changes depending on how well-cooked your burger is shaped — if it falls apart while being eaten (which happens if you don’t hold down both sides of the patty with some force), then that part needs more time on the grill (or microwave). As soon as there’s an open mouth in front of your character (usually represented by an icon with a dollar sign), click on it over and over again until all mouths are satisfied; this will earn extra points for each successful hamburger served! Each successful round also gives some money at varying amounts depending on how many mouths were opened during serving time — this can be used later on purchasing upgrades or unlocking new locations for cooking burgers!

The Amazing World of Gumball: Up Your Baking

You’ve probably heard of The Amazing World of Gumball, the award-winning Cartoon Network animated series that’s been delighting viewers since 2010. If you haven’t yet seen it, I can’t recommend it enough; the show is a wonderfully quirky take on surreal humor and family dynamics set in fictional Elmore City. One episode features Gumball and Darwin competing to see who can make the tallest cake for their father’s birthday—this game takes inspiration from this very slice of life moment!

In Up Your Baking, you’ll be tasked with creating cakes out of different ingredients like chocolate, frosting and fruit before attempting to stack them as high as possible without making them fall over (or worse: eat your creation by mistake). Cakes rise depending on how many pieces they’re made up of—so if someone wants their cake decorated with strawberries at every level then that’ll take more skill than someone who just wants a simple yellow sponge at every layer (and more time).

Sara’s Cooking Class: Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup

This game is a great way to learn to cook. If you’re new to the kitchen, or if you want to learn more about Mexican food, this is the perfect place to start. Playing this game will help you become more comfortable with cooking for a crowd and even cooking with kids.

In Sara’s Cooking Class: Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup, players are treated to an interactive experience as they follow step-by-step instructions while earning points along the way. The game teaches basic techniques such as chopping vegetables and sautéing them in oil before adding them into a pot of boiling broth or water (depending on what type of soup you’re making). Then comes browning meat and seasoning it with salt, pepper and other spices according to preference—all under Sara’s watchful eye!

Cooking Games for Kids

Cooking games for kids are a great way to introduce them to the kitchen and help them pick up some basic cooking skills. Cooking games for kids can be fun and educational, so it’s the perfect activity if you want your child to learn how to make healthy food from scratch.

Cooking games for kids have been around for a long time now, but they’re still popular with both parents and children alike. If you’re looking for ways to get your child interested in cooking or even just try some new recipes at home, then why not play one of these awesome cooking games today?

Papa’s Cupcakeria

When you play Papa’s Cupcakeria, you will find yourself in a cupcake shop. You have to make the cupcakes from scratch, from the dough to the frosting. There are many different flavors of cupcakes that you can make, and you have to make them all in a timely manner so that when people come into your store they aren’t disappointed!

Papa’s Cupcakeria is a fun and challenging game where you have to make cupcakes. You start out by making one kind of cake mix – then it gets harder from there! The game has great graphics and music that makes it even more fun to play!

Cooking Fast 4 Steak

Cooking Fast 4 Steak, the sequel to Cooking Fast 3 Vegetables, is all about making steak in record time. This game is an action-packed thrill ride that will have you flipping, chopping and serving steaks like never before! The main character of this game is Buff Guy, who has decided to take his love of cooking to new heights by learning how to make a delicious steak in a short amount of time.

You can play as either Buff Guy or Buff Girl in this exciting cooking game! In order to cook your steak efficiently and quickly you will need some essential tools: tongs (for flipping), spatula (for flipping), knife (to cut meat) and salt & pepper shakers (to season meat).

As you start playing this fun cooking game you’ll notice how easy it is for things get out of hand very quickly! Don’t forget about being careful not only with your ingredients but also with yourself – avoid hitting yourself on anything sharp or hot because that could lead up serious injuries which might require treatment at hospital…

Sara’s Cooking Class: Black Velvet Cake

Fun for beginners and advanced cooks alike, Sara’s Cooking Class: Black Velvet Cake is one of the coolest cooking games out there. Not only does this game teach you how to make a Black Velvet Cake, but it also serves as an introduction to many other recipes as well. In addition to being easy enough that even young kids can play it and enjoy learning how to cook while they do it, Sara’s Cooking Class: Black Velvet Cake is also fun enough for adults who want something a little different from their usual cooking routine.

This particular recipe involves making a blackberry-flavored cake using berries (blackberries), jam or preserves (blackberry jam) and liqueur (blackberry liqueur). The cake itself is made in a black pan with lots of sugar sprinkled on top before baking; after baking comes another layer of sugar frosting before finally adding another layer that combines cream cheese with melted butter for icing. The result? A beautiful dessert that looks great on any table!

Sushi Cat-a-pult

Sushi Cat-a-pult is a game for Android and iOS that can be downloaded on your phone or tablet. The premise of the game is simple: you play as a hungry cat who wants to eat sushi, but you don’t have any chopsticks. Instead, you have to catapult sushi with your finger in order to feed yourself. You can collect coins while playing this game and use them to upgrade your cat and your catapult!

This list will help you find the cooking games that are fun and challenging.

You can find a list of 10 cooking games below. Each game has a short description, why it’s fun and challenging, and how it’s fun and challenging. Enjoy!

  • Cooking Games That Are Fun And Challenging

The following are some of the best cooking games that are both challenging and fun:

  • Cooking Craze: The Game is an epic journey through the culinary world! Step into your very own restaurant, where you must serve up delicious meals for your customers using different ingredients from around the globe. Can you win over hearts with your culinary prowess? You betcha!
  • Cooking Club – Girl’s Best Friend is a charming game that puts players in control of their very own bakery shop! Start off small with just one room filled with breads and pastries before expanding into three rooms full of delicious treats like cakes and cupcakes (yum!). Can you build up enough business to rival other bakeries in town?


If you’re into cooking and games, then we hope this list has been helpful. We’ve compiled the most popular and engaging games, so you can focus on what really matters: having a great time. If you find one of these games particularly fun or challenging, let us know! And if you have suggestions for other cooking games that should make it onto this list, we’d love to hear them.

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