The Top-8 Funniest Moments When Playing bloons td 6 Online


I’ve been playing bloons td 6 for so long that I now have my own wife and kids, and they all call me “Dad.” My kids are growing up to be really good at the game too, just like me. They’re even better than me! But don’t tell them I said that (right, kids? Don’t tell them I said that) Anyway, an important part of the bloons td 6 experience is sharing stories with your friends about funny things you saw in-game. My wife and I do this all the time. Here are our top eight funniest moments while playing!

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8. The time a Monkey Ace was flying, and then fell flat on his face

You are flying high above the battlefield, looking down at your bloons. You spot a cluster of red bloons and decide to take them out with one swift shot from your Ace. You fire, and they all go down except for one – the largest one. It’s still hurtling forward, but now it’s heading toward your base!

You can do nothing but watch as it crashes into your towers, taking them out.

7. The time a monkey tried to walk up the path…only to slip and fall

Let’s face it: you’ve all done this at least once or twice in your life. You’re walking down the sidewalk, minding your own business, when suddenly you slip on a banana peel and fall on your face. You are embarrassed, but there’s nothing to do but get up and try again…

But wait! You don’t see any bananas nearby—how could someone have left such an obviously dangerous item in the middle of a sidewalk? Well then what?

Maybe they were trying to throw it away? Maybe they were just walking by and got distracted by something else? Either way, it doesn’t matter—you can’t just leave a banana peel lying around like that!

6. The time a Little Girl monkey got scared and ran away screaming when the bloons came

This game is great when it comes to making you laugh. In this level, you will see a little girl monkey who is scared of the bloons and she started screaming as soon as she saw them coming towards her. That moment was hilarious!

5. The time a Druid monkey turned into a chicken, and then the bloons ate him

The Druid monkey is a powerful unit that can turn one of your towers into a giant oak tree. It’s useful for protecting the lane from bloons, but it only lasts for a few seconds and you have to wait for the cooldown timer to be up before you can use it again.

It’s also hilarious when it turns on itself, because when that happens all of your towers become oak trees and the game stops thinking about them as towers anymore. This means that if any bloons get past you, they’ll just eat up through your entire base without any resistance!

4. When a Tack Shooter froze a bloon, and it got so angry, it started to cry

In Bloons TD 6, you can use the Tack Shooter to freeze a bloon. When this happens, it will be unable to move for about 10 seconds. However, if you have a monkey on your team who can move faster than 15 mph (the speed of a frozen bloon), he’ll be able to slip by before time is up and continue chasing his prey. This will cause an angry reaction in said bloons as they try and run away from whatever has just scared them so badly that it has caused them to be still for so long — only now they’re even angrier!

This leads me into my next point: sadness.

3. When I had three Heli Pilots flying in formation, like the blue angels, and then they got shot down by an Ice Tower

Sometimes, the most unexpected things can happen in Bloons TD 6. For example it was a surprise for me when I had 3 Heli Pilots flying in formation and then they got shot down by an Ice Tower. This is one of those moments that make playing online games so much fun!

2. When my big brother used his Dartslinger to shoot me in the butt

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1. The time when I was using Tack Shooters to do my homework for me, but then they started shooting darts at each other instead because they didn’t know what “school” was Takeaway: Bloons TD 6 is so much fun!

Bloons TD 6 is a fun game. You can shoot bloons, you can shoot monkeys, and you can even shoot towers. But the best part about this game is that it’s not just fun because of all these things—it’s also funny!

As you advance through each level in the game, there are plenty of funny moments to be had. For example:

  • The time when I was using Tack Shooters to do my homework for me, but then they started shooting darts at each other instead because they didn’t know what “school” was Takeaway: Bloons TD 6 is so much fun!
  • When I accidentally shot myself with a Dart Monkey three times instead of just once Takeaway: Bloons TD 6 has lots of ways for me to get hurt!


So that’s my list of funny bloons moments! What are some of your favorites? Let me know by responding to this blog post. I love hearing from readers like you, and I can’t wait to see what you write!

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