The Top Minecraft PS4 Edition Glitches


One of the neat things about games like Minecraft is how often glitches appear, but these can also be pretty annoying. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite Minecraft PS4 edition glitches/bugs below; if you want to learn more about each one (and see them in action), just click on the links:

The NBT Glitch

The NBT Glitch is a pretty common glitch that happens when you’re trying to edit your world in the Minecraft PS4 Edition. Sometimes, when you try and create something new or edit an existing object, your game will freeze, giving you no way of untying this knot. To avoid getting yourself stuck in such a predicament, simply make sure that you don’t use any advanced commands while playing on your console!

Fallout Shelter

If you’re a fan of Fallout Shelter and have played it on PS4, you may have noticed that sometimes the game can freeze for no reason. If this happens, there are a few things you can do to fix it. First, try restarting your console by holding down the power button for 7 seconds until it powers off completely (you’ll know when it’s done because the light will turn red). Then wait 2 minutes before turning on your console again. If this doesn’t work, try rebooting your router by turning off power at its source and waiting 30 seconds before powering back up again. Finally, if none of these steps worked then contact Sony Support; they should be able to help!

Now that we know how to avoid this glitch in future games let’s take a look at what causes this glitch in Fallout Shelter:

The cause is unknown but some possible reasons include: overheating memory cards due to playing too many games simultaneously or overheating consoles due to running multiple apps/games simultaneously with poor ventilation systems within houses built underground such as Vault 111 where most people live being less than ideal conditions for long term habitation by humans due them being underground with no natural sunlight which means there aren’t any trees nearby either so no oxygen produced during photosynthesis like plants do every day so instead we generate our own oxygen through burning fossil fuels like coal or petroleum products which releases carbon dioxide into atmosphere causing global warming plus other toxic gases such as methane from animal waste produced by cows etc…

World Saver

This glitch allows you to save the world by creating a copy of your current world, then getting into a minecart and exiting it. You’ll need to be in Creative mode for this one.

First, bring up the F3 menu and find your coordinates. Then go to the exact opposite coordinate (on a different chunk), assuming they’re not directly next to each other. For example, if your current location is X: -1345 Y: 60 Z: 0600, then go X: -1344 Y: 59 Z: 0601 or whatever coordinates are at the same distance away from each other but have opposite values (in this case one positive/one negative).

When you get there, place down an item frame with any item inside it—ideally something like diamonds or gold blocks—and hit F5 twice in rapid succession so that your game reloads.[1]

Loading Glitch

The Loading Glitch is a glitch that was discovered by the community. It’s useful for when you’re stuck in the loading screen and want to get out.

It occurs when you break any block while the game is loading, causing a crash and sending you back to the main menu. You can also use it if your save file has become corrupted (you will lose all progress).

Index 7 Glitch

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  • What to do if you have an Index 7 Glitch.
  • How to get rid of the Index 7 Glitch.

The Black Screen of Death

The Black Screen of Death is a bug that causes your PS4 to shut down and automatically reboot. This can happen at any time, but it tends to occur when you’re exiting the game after playing for a while. Sometimes, this glitch will cause your console to freeze up entirely and require you to turn it off and back on again manually.

This bug has been around since Minecraft came out on PS4 in 2016 and was patched only recently in 2018 (it’s now fixed). Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it other than wait for Mojang or Sony to fix it—which they’ve been promising for months now. If you want to avoid this bug altogether, consider restarting your system occasionally when you’re not playing Minecraft so that your PS4 doesn’t get stuck in an infinite loop where it keeps shutting off without warning every few minutes.

These glitches can get pretty frustrating, but they are a good laugh.

As a community, we should embrace the glitches and bugs that come with playing a game. It’s just not as fun if everything works perfectly, right? It’s nice to have something to laugh at sometimes.


We hope you enjoyed reading about the top glitches in Minecraft PS4 Edition. It is important that you do not take these seriously, and we highly recommend that you try them out for yourself!

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