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I remember playing Mario Brothers on the NES when I was younger, and it felt brand new! In fact, in my mind, it still does. But how long do video games stay ‘new’? How long until they’re old news? Well, there’s a few different factors that go into determining this. One of the biggest is something called ‘over-saturation’. This refers to the point where all of your friends are playing that same game. For example: Fortnite has been popular for over 2 years now, and while it’s still popular with children and young teens, you don’t hear much about it outside of that demographic anymore. The novelty has simply worn off for everyone else (except for their parents).

Other than ‘cool factor’, one of the next biggest factors affecting newness is memes and pop culture references (which are very often memes as well). If a game spawns a bunch of popular memes or becomes a part of pop culture in some way shape or form, then chances are good that its popularity will skyrocket for quite some time after

There are many factors that determine the amount of time that a game stays new.

In the same way that new movies and books are popular as long as they’re good, so too do video games stay new until they aren’t. There are many factors that determine the amount of time that a game stays new.

For example, a game can remain popular if it has an active player community behind it—a community which will continue to love and play the game even when it is no longer considered fashionable by outside observers or media outlets. The longevity of a game also depends on whether there’s someone at the helm who wants to keep making it better over time—and whether those changes make sense for everyone who plays the game in question.

Over-saturation is the killer of newness.

  • Over-saturation is the killer of newness.

The more games you have to choose from, the less likely you are to choose any particular one. The more games there are as well, the more time and money it takes to stay on top of all of them.

  • It’s a vicious cycle: if everyone plays different games than me, then everyone will have different experiences than me—which means they won’t necessarily like what I liked or do not like what I did not like about a particular game—and so they may not even be able to enjoy that game with me anymore because there’s too much focus on having unique experiences rather than sharing them (see point 1).

Memes and pop culture references, while popular, also drain newness.

Memes are a great way to express yourself and bond with friends, but they also help you express your feelings when you are feeling sad. Memes are a great way to express your feelings when you are feeling tired as well.

Memes have become such an integral part of the internet that it’s hard to imagine life without them in 2019. While memes can be fun for everyone involved and make for some good laughs online, their popularity could eventually lead us down an unfortunate path where it seems like every single thing on the internet has been done before by someone else who thought of it first–or at least was first enough to post about it on Reddit first!

As a game becomes more dated, it’s harder to find people who still play it.

As a game becomes more dated, it’s harder to find people who still play it. This can make the game feel less relevant, less fashionable and less popular.

This can happen either because you have outgrown the game or because your peers have moved on from it in favor of newer titles.

Games will stay new as long as there is popularity behind them.

The longevity of games will depend on a few factors:

  • The popularity behind them. If a game has a loyal fanbase and/or is continually updated with new content, it will remain relevant longer than if it does not. A good example of this is Minecraft. Since its release in 2011, this game has remained popular despite other games coming out over the years. In fact, there are still people playing Minecraft today who first played it years ago and continue to enjoy it so much that they don’t want to play any other type of game!
  • The type of playerbase that’s attracted to the game

Games with longevity remain forever ‘new’, and these games don’t care how old they are.

Maybe it’s not the age of a game that matters. Maybe it’s how you play.

Sure, most games will eventually get old and boring. But games with longevity remain forever ‘new’, and these games don’t care how old they are. They don’t care if you’ve played them before or if they were released 5 minutes ago—they’re just there when you want to play them again!

Like my own game: Journey Of The Light. It’s been out for 6 years now (I think), but I still love playing it every week because everyone who plays it has their own unique experience with the story, music, characters and gameplay elements—all of which make up this amazing world where people can connect over their mutual love for something so simple yet powerful as light itself! And even though these are all things I’ve said before during interviews about Journey Of The Light over those past six years…it still feels like each time someone asks me about it is fresh new news to me!! That excitement keeps me going strong today even though other games might have come out in between those interviews.”

Some games are evergreen and will always remain ‘new’.

Evergreen games are those that have a timeless quality and will always remain new. The same goes for the industry itself, which has evolved and grown over time, but the underlying principles of what makes a game fun have always remained the same.

Games like Tetris and Candy Crush are examples of evergreen titles because they’re just as fun to play today as they were 20 years ago!


As we’ve seen, there’s no hard and fast rule to determine how long a game stays fresh. There are many factors that influence the perception of newness, and these can include everything from age-old memes to cultural significance. In the end, it’s up to you as an individual whether or not you think a game is still new.

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