Strange Alien Animal Encounters


There are many instances in the history of humanity where people have encountered strange beings from other planets. Some of these encounters are documented by the federal government and others are being called hoaxes. Below, I will tell you about some of these instances and what I think about them.


This book is about aliens and their interactions with humans.

The author’s name is Eric Buss. He is a writer, who has written many other books on this topic.

The publisher’s name is CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (Amazon). It publishes books on several topics including science fiction, mystery, and horror stories every day of the year.

The ISBN number for this book is 9781504880578. The price of this book varies depending on where you buy it from but usually ranges between $13.99-$15 depending on whether or not you get it in hardback or paperback form (this ebook version costs less than the physical one).

You can see what the cover looks like below: [IMAGE HERE]

Encounters with UFO’s, aliens, and their animals

You may have heard about UFO’s (unidentified flying objects) and aliens, but what about their animals?

UFO’s are seen all over the world. Aliens are seen all over the world. Aliens have animals with them. They’ve been seen with animals on their ships, they’ve been seen with them on their planets!

But what exactly do these alien species look like? Let’s find out by taking a closer look at some of the most common alien animals that have been reported being sighted across our planet:

  • The Glowing Green Monkey Alien (or GGM): This type of alien has green skin and large eyes that glow in the dark! They also have long arms and legs with webbed hands and feet to help them swim in deep space conditions better than other types of beings would be able to move around comfortably without assistance from such features! These creatures can sometimes be found living near bodies water sources where there is plenty food available for them too eat regularly so don’t worry about getting lost when trying this one out yourself because it’s easy enough for even beginners who don’t know much about space travel yet still want try new things out first before deciding whether or not this might work well enough for everyone involved later down road if need be – just keep yourself safe while doing so as always!!

A book by Dr. Stephen Greer

This book is a collection of alien encounters and experiences written by Dr. Stephen Greer, a ufologist who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and has worked with many different countries to help them create their own centers dedicated to studying extraterrestrial intelligence.

Dr. Greer’s book contains many stories by others who have had close encounters with aliens and what they learned from those experiences. He also has his own story which took place when he was young boy, but this is not included in this particular book because it was published separately as “Extraterrestrial Experiences: The Impact On Human Systems And Life On Earth” (which you can find on Amazon).

A radio interview with author of the book

You can listen to the interview below:


In the interview, Dr. Greer explains that many of us have had encounters with aliens without even knowing it. For example, he says that some people are abducted and then hypnotized by aliens to forget their experiences. He also discusses how some people claim to be able to heal through psychic powers, but instead may be using alien technology that allows them to heal people in ways we don’t yet understand.

A movie about aliens made by a famous director that has been accused of being a documentary

  • The movie is a documentary
  • The director is famous, and has been accused of making a documentary. But he hasn’t actually made one yet.

Two people who have had multiple encounters

I have two people whose stories I think are worth sharing. The first is a man named John, who has suffered many strange encounters. He says that he was abducted by aliens and taken to their ship in the sky. The aliens questioned him and showed him a device that could be used to communicate with them. They also gave him a smaller version of this device so that he could talk with them whenever he wanted.

John says that after his first abduction, he woke up in his bed with no memory of what had happened during the night before. He says that this happened over and over again—and each time, when they were done questioning him or showing him things like devices which would allow them to speak telepathically using only their minds (no electronics needed), they would return him home as if nothing had ever happened at all!


In conclusion, keep an open mind and be ready for the possibility of the unknown. There’s a lot we don’t know about our world and universe, so it’s important to be prepared when you encounter something outside of your understanding. Report any strange sightings to a government agency or news agency as soon as possible so they can investigate further.

People see things sometimes but it is up to you to decide if those things are real or not.

You can’t always trust your eyes. You can’t always trust your ears. You can’t always trust your mind, or even the way that you feel about things in general. Your instincts may be telling you something is true and real, but that doesn’t mean it has to be so!

Take alien encounters for example:

We’ve all seen these creatures portrayed in movies and television shows as being something straight out of our nightmares, but is this really what aliens actually look like? Maybe we just see them differently than they really are because we don’t know how else to process this kind of experience (it’s scary). Or maybe there aren’t any aliens at all—maybe we’ve just been conditioned by popular culture over the years into thinking this way so often that now we simply expect them whenever anything unusual happens around us…


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