Smartphone apps that make your life easier


Your smartphone isn’t just a communication tool or a way to find out where you are. It can also be a tool to help you do things more efficiently or save you time and money in your daily life. Here are some apps that can make your everyday activities easier.

Keep track of tasks and todos with TickTick

TickTick is a to-do list app that makes it easy to stay organized. It’s available for Android and iPhone, so you can use it on the go when you need to check off an item from your grocery list or keep track of what needs doing around the house. The free version comes with all the basics, but there are also paid upgrades if you want more features like reminders and file attachments.

Organize your thoughts with Evernote

Evernote is an app that allows you to save text, images, and audio files. It’s available on all major platforms including iOS and Android. You can use the app for work, school or personal use. Evernote is free to use but offers paid subscription plans if you want more features like offline access or unlimited note storage space.

Evernote lets you take notes in many different formats. You can type text into the app using its keyboard feature (or even dictate), record audio clips and add photos from your camera roll or take pictures directly within the app using its camera feature. The best part about Evernote’s note-taking capabilities is that it syncs everything across all of your devices so that no matter where you are — home or work — your notes will be there waiting for you when needed!

Find new apps with AppGrooves

I’ve found a great new app that makes it easy to find new apps. The app is called AppGrooves and it’s available for both Android and iOS devices. It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but most people don’t think about the fact that their phone has a list of installed apps already on it. If you want to find something new, wouldn’t it be better if you could sort through your existing apps? That’s exactly what AppGrooves does!

Once you download the free app from either Google Play or Apple Store (or both), open up your device’s main menu and select Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. You should see an option there called “Groove”. Click on this icon and select “All Apps” from the dropdown menu at the top left corner of your screen. Now all of your available applications are visible! To begin using AppGroove: simply click on any app icon in order to get descriptions about each one (and even screenshots).

Check the weather with AccuWeather (for Android) or The Weather Channel (for iPhone)

Weather apps help you plan your day and prepare for storms. Before heading out, check the weather with AccuWeather (for Android) or The Weather Channel (for iPhone). You can use these to see the current temperature, precipitation levels and other relevant information. If it looks like rain, be sure to pack an umbrella, sunglasses and sunscreen. And if there’s snow on the way? Pack an extra pair of gloves!

If you’re planning a trip somewhere else in town or around the country, check these apps before leaving so that you know what kind of clothing to pack. If your destination is far away, consider booking a hotel ahead of time; this will save time once you arrive at your destination city because there won’t be any last-minute decisions about where else it might be best spent sleeping during those long drives through rural America!

Save time with LastPass

LastPass is a password manager that allows you to save all your passwords and login information in one place. You can also use it to generate strong passwords, store them in your vault, and even save credit card information if you want to. LastPass supports all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Some people think that the whole point of having a password manager is so that they don’t have to remember their different usernames and passwords. As long as the master password is strong enough (this means not using “password” or other common terms), then this shouldn’t be an issue at all!

Go shopping with Ibotta

If you’re someone who likes to find the best deals on the products you buy, Ibotta is a great app to use. The way it works is that when you go shopping at participating retailers, Ibotta will offer you cash back for purchasing certain products. All you have to do is go into the store and scan your receipt with their app after making your purchase. Once they’ve verified that all of the items were purchased from that location and time period, they’ll send out a check for your earnings!

And since this cash back comes right off of what’s already being spent in stores like Target and Walmart, it’s literally free money that can be used toward other things or saved up until next month’s bill payments come due.

So why should anyone care about these little bonuses? Well…

Get more out of Amazon with Amazon’s official app

You can find bargains by using Amazon’s official app. The “Recently Viewed” section of your Cart lets you easily view items that you’ve recently viewed on the website, and it even shows the price history of each item so that you can see how much other shoppers paid for them. If an item goes on sale or has a big discount, the app will send you a notification so that you can snatch it up before another shopper does!

Help your family stay in touch with Marco Polo

  • Use the app to share photos and videos.
  • Share locations with your family members.
  • Keep in touch with your family using the calendar feature.
  • Share to-do lists with each other so no one forgets anything important!
  • You can also share contact information, so if someone gets lost or needs help, everyone can get in touch easily! The best part about this app is that it doesn’t cost anything; it’s free for both Android devices and iPhones (and even Windows phones).

Use your phone to help you stay on task using Forest (for Android) or Offtime (for iPhone)

Using your phone to help you stay on task

There are many apps that can help you stay on task, but the ones we’re going to discuss are Forest (for Android) and Offtime (for iPhone). Both of these apps use a timer to ensure that you are working for a certain amount of time without interruption. This prevents excessive social media browsing, video games, and other distractions.

How it works: Once installed, set your desired length of work time by entering it in minutes or hours into the app (e.g., “2 hours”). Then start the timer and begin working! When time is up, an alarm sounds indicating that it’s time to take a break! After restarting the timer and going back to work, another alarm will sound when the next scheduled break should occur.

Why this app is better than others: Unlike other apps such as Focus@Will or Brain Wave Generator which include music intended for productivity enhancement–Forest allows users control over their own music selection while encouraging them not to give up during challenging tasks like studying or writing papers!

Organize your phone’s storage with Files by Google (Android only)

Files by Google is a free app that organizes the files on your phone. This includes photos and videos, but also documents, music and any other types of files you may want to access. It also makes it easy to share files with other people. It’s available on Android devices only (sorry iPhone users).

  • First, install the Files by Google app on your phone. To do this:
  • Go to [Google Play] ( or [the App Store] (, search for “Files by Google” and download it from either site;
  • Open the file folder where you downloaded the file;
  • Tap “Install” at the bottom of your screen;
  • Follow instructions until installation is complete;
  • Once installed, open up your device menu and tap “File Manager” under “Tools” or similar options

Your smartphone can be a useful tool.

Your smartphone can be a useful tool. While it’s true that you can’t do everything with your smartphone that you can with a computer, you should try to use it as much as possible to make life easier. For example, try using the calendar on your phone to block out time for things like work and exercise, which will help keep you focused on goals.

If you have trouble keeping track of tasks, write them down on an app like Wunderlist or Todoist so they don’t slip through the cracks. If something isn’t getting done because there’s no space in your schedule for it, then create a new event in Google Calendar and set aside some time for completing those tasks! This way they won’t get lost in the shuffle of everyday life :-).

In addition to being able to do things faster than ever before (like shopping online), smartphones also let us save money by not having to buy physical versions of things such as music albums or ebooks – all these things are available at our fingertips!


Hopefully, these apps make your life easier! It’s never too late to start using them. The best part about these services is that there are so many more just like them out there waiting for you.

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