New iCade Products Revealed at CES

With the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in full swing, it means a slew of new tech goodies.  Among these are some new products from ION, the makers of the iCade (an arcade cabinet set up for your iPad).

One of their new products is a “cabinet-less” iCade: think of it as a fightstick you can dock your iPad in.  They’re also coming out with an adorable iCade Jr., which looks just like the original iCade, only smaller, and designed for your phone. It will be available for $49.

In addition to these two new products, ION also revealed a dock for your phone that basically gives you buttons, turning your phone into what almost looks like a Gameboy Micro. This new item is called the iCade Mobile and will retail for $80.

Definitely some interesting products; it will be interesting to see what developers do to support these new peripherals, especially the iCade Mobile.

[Source: Engadget via Touch Arcade]

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