How To Make Minesweeper Addicting


Hi, I’m the MineSweeper developer who wrote this guest post! We all know Minesweeper is a great game. But, did you know that it could be even greater? You’re probably thinking to yourself, “How can Minesweeper get better than this?” Well, after reading my guide on how to make Minesweeper more engaging and addicting, you might never stop playing ever again.

Minesweeper just isn’t a game that people spend a whole lot of time with. We have to do some things in order to make it more fun.

Minesweeper just isn’t a game that people spend a whole lot of time with. We have to do some things in order to make it more fun.

But, I love you and your games and I want you to succeed, so here’s what we’re going to do:

  • Make it more fun by adding minesweepers! We’ll make them explode when they are clicked on, instead of just revealing where they are. This will be a lot more exciting than just knowing where they are!
  • Make it harder by only showing the minesweeper grid without any numbers on it until all of the numbers have been found (or clicked off). This way there won’t be any visual cues for players who might otherwise easily find all of their mines in no time flat!

With this, we’ve made minesweeper the most addicting game ever.

Step 1: You can’t make your players fun of the game, or it won’t be addicting. It has to be fun, but also addicting.

Step 2: Add a new feature that keeps players engaged in the game and makes it even more addicting than ever before!


It’s important for the player to always feel like they are working towards something. This can be accomplished through a number of different avenues, but I think one of the most fun ways is creating your own game within their game!

Section: One of the best ways to keep players engaged is by offering rewards.

Section: Players tend to have a better time when they feel like they’re winning.

Section: The key here is making them work for it. You want your players to feel like they’ve earned their win, not that it was given to them on a silver platter.

Section: Another way you can keep players engaged is by adding new challenges and levels as they progress through your game. Players love the sense of accomplishment that comes from beating each level, so it’s important not only provide enough challenges but also make sure they’re challenging enough! For example, if you have five levels in Minesweeper then make sure there’s at least one bomb hiding behind every block opened up before players reach level two (even though two bombs will be revealed). That way when your player gets past those first few rounds without being killed by an explosion he’ll feel much more accomplished than if he had just unlocked some easy stuff right away – this makes him want more! This strategy works well because sometimes even though someone might know how difficult something will be ahead of time (like how many bombs there are), once you actually get into doing that part its harder than expected so having those extra challenges keeps them interested.”

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