Vizio Enters PC Market

Vizio, known for its HDTVs, is apparently throwing in its net in the PC market, one that several other companies have been fleeing from recently.  At CES, they revealed plans for two all-in-one desktop PCs and three notebooks. Although they’re keeping tight-lipped for now, it looks like they might be taking the Apple approach–going for powerful yet sexy at the same time: “Inspired by joy. Designed to perform,” as their slogan states in the promo video you can see below.

Although the notebooks will be thin and light, they apparently will not be ultrabooks emulating the MacBook Air, but without any specs, it’s hard to say exactly what we can expect when these PCs arrive this Spring. Check out the promo video to get a few better images of the new products.

Nick Parker, VP of WW OEM Marketing, Microsoft was quoted on Vizio’s official CES web portal in regards to their new products:

“We’re pleased to be working closely with VIZIO as they make their debut into the PC category. VIZIO has a strong reputation for providing consumer innovation and entertainment experiences, and it’s great to see them betting on the Windows platform to help deliver these premium experiences on PCs.”

In addition, Vizio claims they’re also working on a 10″ tablet, although no release date for that were provided.

[Source: Vizio, via Ars Technica]

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