Mulitple 3DS Bundles Listed on GameStop for Just Under $300


With the release of Nintendo’s latest addition to their popular handheld lineup roughly two weeks away, it’s always nice to see what sort of deals one can find. GameStop is showing on their website that they will be selling different 3DS bundles. The games that you get to choose from would be: Samurai Warriors Chronicles, Super Street Fighter, and Dead or Alive Dimensions.

It appears that only the Super Street Fighter IV bundle will let you have the choice of which color 3DS you want. Samurai Warriors Chronicles will be included with the Cosmo Black 3DS while Dead or Alive Dimensions will be bundled with the Aqua Blue one. Also included with the 3DS and game will be the 3DS system pouch. It holds the system and two game cards. The color (black or blue) will be randomly chosen when the bundle ships out on March 27th.

Another thing to note is that this appears to be an online-only deal and GameStop exclusive. If I was one to order my consoles or handheld devices online, this deal would be one worth looking into.

[Source: Destructoid]

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