Put A New Spin On Your Favorite Game! Try Dark Dimensions Mahjong today!


Dark Dimensions: Mahjong is the latest free downloadable game from GameTop.com! It’s a mahjong game with a twist! Dark Dimensions features innovative 3D graphics, over 100 unique levels, and an exciting storyline that will take you on a quest to discover the secrets behind the mysterious dimension. You can play at home or on the go with your computer or laptop. With each tile matching, you’ll get closer to solving this puzzle game. Download and play for free today!

Set Records, Compete With Friends, And More!

Dark Dimensions Mahjong allows you to set records, compete with friends, and more!

  • Compete against other players in the game’s leaderboards.
  • Earn achievements by completing missions in the game.
  • Earn rewards for participating in tournaments or challenges.
  • Earn virtual currency as a reward for completing certain activities in the game (like winning matches and completing missions). You can then use this virtual currency to buy new tiles or get rid of ones that aren’t working out for you so far!

Unlock powerful boosters and customize your game to suit your style!

Boosters are the items that will help you win the game. They can be unlocked by gaining experience points or purchasing them with coins. There are four types of boosters:

  • Tile Remover – removes a tile instantly; this is the most basic booster and is needed to complete any level
  • Matching Booster – removes all tiles of one type from the board, e.g., all Red Dragons or all Windmills; this booster makes it easier to clear out more difficult areas of the board
  • Free Spin – activates a free spin bonus round where you get extra chances to earn more coins and experience points by matching pairs of identical tiles on either side of your cursor’s path; this bonus round can be activated up to five times per level but only after completing certain conditions in each stage, such as clearing away certain numbers of tiles

Play on the go or at home.

  • Play on the go or at home. Whether you’re looking to play on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, our incredible game will let you enjoy it all!
  • Play on your PC or mobile device. Don’t let your device’s size get in the way of playing Mahjong. Dark Dimensions Mahjong allows for multiple play options so that it can be played anywhere, even on smaller screens!

Thousands of games are available for free today.

Not only does Mahjong have a rich history, but it’s also extremely fun to play. With just a few tiles and your wits, you can create beautiful works of art!

In Dark Dimensions Mahjong, you’ll find thousands of gorgeous games from top developers like Big Fish Games and Asmodee Digital. To name just a few:

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Hundreds of free PC games have been added to GameTop.com. Download more than 300 of them right now!

Hundreds of free PC games have been added to GameTop.com. Download more than 300 of them right now!

You can download hundreds of free PC games on GameTop.com, and you don’t even need an account to do it! You can download your favorite PC games—like Dark Dimensions Mahjong—right now for free, straight from our website. No need for a membership or subscription; we’ve got all the best downloadable content at no cost to you (or rather, no cost but a few minutes of your time).

You’ll find that our library is packed with quality software titles that run flawlessly on Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS X 10.8+ computers as well as Android tablets and smartphones running Lollipop 5+, iOS 6+, TVs with Chromecast functionality built-in (iPad 4th generation onwards), Raspberry Pi 2 B+ & 3 B+, Intel NUCs with sixth-generation processors or newer


Mahjong is a fun and relaxing game that can be played anywhere. You can even play Dark Dimensions Mahjong on your mobile device! If you like our game, you’ll probably also enjoy other games in the series; try out some of our other mahjong games today! As always, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to us at support@gametop.com or via phone at +1-800-848-5297 (US) or +1-415-351-4889 (Worldwide). Thanks again for reading this blog post and we hope you have a great time playing Dark Dimensions Mahjong!

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