Modern Warfare 3 What Fans Want


We all know that the Call of Duty franchise is perpetually undergoing criticism. From claims of it being a dumbed-down version of Counterstrike to accusations that you can’t win by skill alone, many gamers have been eager to dismiss it. But, despite what the critics say, CoD has been around and relevant for 15 years, which means there’s clearly something keeping people coming back for more. With the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 coming up soon (officially announced just last week!), I’m excited to share my hopes and dreams for this much-anticipated game. These are based on what I’ve heard other fans discussing online and my own experience playing the previous iterations in the series. Here’s what we want from MW 3!

Get rid of the strike chain

The strike chain is too complicated, hard to understand and use. It is also difficult to get a hold of in multiplayer mode.

I think it needs to be simplified because there are many different things you have to do in order to progress through the strike chain (eg: challenges, challenges completed, headshots etc) and it can be hard for new players who haven’t played Modern Warfare 3 before or don’t know all these special requirements that need completing.

Ditch the killstreaks

You know what people hate? Killstreaks. They’re boring, they don’t really add much to the game, and they make it way too easy to get kills.

And that’s like…the exact opposite of what I want in a video game.

I know what you’re thinking: “But Rob, killstreaks are fun!” And yes, I’ll admit that killstreaks can be fun if done right. But we all know Infinity Ward has been doing it wrong for years now! The killstaking system needs an overhaul in MW3! And here’s my suggestion on how to do just that: ditching the whole thing entirely!

Less bullet penetration

As a fan of the series, I’ve always loved bullet penetration. It’s cool to see your bullets go through walls and objects—it adds a layer of realism that makes the game feel more like an actual warzone. However, bullet penetration can also be frustrating at times. When your enemy is behind cover or hiding behind a car and you have no way to get around them, it can make for an irritating experience if there isn’t another way around them (like with grenades).

Bullet penetration should also be consistent; for example: if my team has been shooting at someone who’s hiding behind a car but our bullets aren’t going through the car itself because it’s too thick or heavy then our shots should not go through thin walls either. This is what makes sense from both gameplay and story perspectives: wouldn’t soldiers look up before shooting? Wouldn’t they try different ways around objects rather than simply firing their guns through everything?

More vehicles

More vehicles would make the game more fun.

It’s always fun to drive around in cars, boats and helicopters. These are things that you see in real life, and it is a shame that they’re not in this game.

It makes sense for there to be more vehicles because:

  • They’re more realistic. If you want to be realistic, then you should have as many different kinds of vehicles as possible! (I mean…as long as we’re talking about the type of realism where people can fly through buildings)
  • It would make it more challenging! You could have missions where enemies come out of nowhere while you’re trying to do something else on foot or…something else I don’t remember right now because my brain is tired from writing these blog posts all day long without any rest breaks or breaks at all really except for when I go get some coffee but that doesn’t count because then I’m just sitting down quietly with no noise around me so nothing happens at all except maybe some birds chirping which isn’t really relevant unless they start talking about how they feel about the war against terror—then again maybe those birds aren’t even talking about anything at all; maybe they just enjoy being free from cages where people used them for experiments before realizing how cruel it was so instead now we let them fly freely across our skies above us which will hopefully lead towards peace between nations across borders rather than fighting among ourselves over land boundaries which just creates more wars anyway; this leads me back toward my original point: More vehicles would make gameplay better!).

New game modes

  • New game modes should be added to MW3.
  • The new game modes should be fun and challenging.
  • The new game modes should be creative and unique.
  • The new game modes should be competitive and balanced.
  • The new game modes should be accessible to newer players, who might not have a lot of experience with competitive shooters like MW3 or its predecessor, COD 4: Modern Warfare (Mw).

Better AI

As the title suggests, we want better AI. It would be nice if the AI could react to the player’s actions and have a more realistic behavior. If it can see and hear you, then it should know where you are when shooting at them. It might be nice to have an enemy that can use cover and flank your position as well as throw grenades at you from behind cover or just fling them in general without aiming directly at your position (unless they’re stupid).

It would also be great if they could use weapons effectively in close range combat situations by being able to aim accurately while being attacked by gunfire coming from multiple directions(i don’t mean like every bullet always hits but they’re pretty good with some skill). The enemies should also have certain reactions towards environmental objects around them such as cars exploding when hit by explosive rounds since this is something that happens all the time anyway so why not add some realism into this aspect?

Upgradeable weapons and equipment

If you’re like me, you love to play with your guns. You love to tweak your loadout and make it unique just for you. I want more customization options in the game. I want more weapon choices and equipment choices, but most importantly I want a bigger selection of weapon attachments.

I also want more weapon camos and skins that can be purchased using XP or unlockable by completing certain challenges in-game (or both).

Bigger maps

Bigger maps are better for several reasons. Most importantly, they’re more fun and more tactical. They also make the game more immersive, realistic, balanced and competitive.

Bigger maps are better because they allow for bigger games of Modern Warfare 3 to be played on them without players getting bored or frustrated by too much running around or camping in one spot (depending on what kind of player you are). The larger size also allows for greater strategic opportunities when choosing where to fight as well as spawning locations for your team’s members at the beginning of each match.

The larger size can also help prevent “camping” which happens when people sit still waiting for their opponents to come by so they can shoot them quickly with little risk to themselves (and get a point!). This would cause matches with lots of campers not being very interesting since there’d always be someone sitting somewhere hiding with their gun ready to shoot anyone who walks by; this problem is solved with bigger maps because now there’s enough space on them that no matter where someone camps they’ll always have other areas available within range where another player could sneak up behind him/her unawares!

Cross-platform play

This is a big one. Fans have been begging for cross-platform play since Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and it’s still a feature that has yet to be implemented in any major FPS. In the past year, we’ve seen cross-platform play happen in many other titles like Rocket League and Minecraft, so it’s time for Call of Duty to catch up with the times!

As fans are playing on different platforms (PC/Xbox One/PS4), they should be able to play together no matter what platform they choose. This will help keep communities together from all over the world and make friendships last even longer than before!

More COD Points customization options

There are a lot of ways that you can customize your character, but I think there should be more options. For example, we already have the ability to select a name and create custom classes, but why not also have an option to select different clothing items? Maybe even go as far as allowing us to select some sort of face paint or tattoo design. I think this would make it more fun for us because it would allow us to create our own personal look for our characters.

It would also be nice if we had more options when customizing guns and equipment. You can currently only change their color scheme and attachments (silencer, sights), which is fine but doesn’t really do much for me personally since I like having access to lots of customization options whenever possible so I don’t get bored with my character too quickly because then he becomes bland after awhile without anything new happening visually on him/herself

CoD fans want MW 3 to be a new experience while still remaining true to the original.

The Modern Warfare series is known for its fast-paced action, gritty storylines and innovative features that have become staples of the franchise. Fans love it because it’s different from other FPS games. For example, Call of Duty pioneered the “zombies” mode in which you fight off waves of living dead creatures with your friends in a post-apocalyptic setting. In MW 3, fans want to see a new experience that stays true to these elements while also bringing something new to the table.


What fans want is for MW3 to improve upon the last game. They also don’t want any copy-cat features or gimmicks that will make the game worse. Fans are excited about new game modes and a few new weapons, but they’re mostly just looking forward to a fun experience with their friends. MW3 could be the best CoD yet if they listen closely to what gamers want!

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