MLB 13 The Show Hitting Enhancements: Hitting Could be Easier

Hitting could be a little easier in MLB 13 The Show as they’ve updated a few key features in the hitting game. More emphasis will be placed on hitter’s tendencies to pull or go opposite field; this is based off of stats gathered throughout the years. Good timing on pitches inside or outside will mean better contact pulling the ball and going opposite field, the same for pitches right down the middle. They also opened the timing window for hitting in all difficulty settings so it’s a little easier to get good timing with your swing. Maybe it was me be I noticed that it was easier to get good timing on the Vita version last year as opposed to the PS3 version.

With the various enhancements being made to the hitting game there will be more offense, but we are assured that each of the difficulty settings have been adjusted accordingly as to not allow for blow outs and inflated batting averages. For more on the enhancements check out the video below:

YouTube Preview Image


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