Guitar Hero XBOX ONE Upgrade


Guitar Hero is back! You might remember this classic video game franchise from such hits as Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Now it’s time to take your guitar shredding skills to a whole new level with the XBOX ONE version of the game. This version features ultra-realistic graphics and multiplayer mode so you can battle head-to-head against other guitarists in real time. We’re going to look at five key features that make this the best iteration yet of the classic hit video game.


The gameplay of a game is the most important part, since it’s what keeps you coming back for more. Gameplay mechanics are the rules that govern how you play and interact with your game world. Input and output mechanics are two types of gameplay mechanics:

Input mechanics determine what actions can be performed by players within a game world. Some examples include pressing buttons on your controller, moving joysticks up/down/left/right, or clicking mouse buttons. Output mechanics determine how those actions have an impact on objects in the game world (such as robots getting destroyed). In Guitar Hero XBOX ONE Upgrade, this would be things like hitting notes with your fingers on guitar frets or hitting stars with your drumsticks.

Characters and Customization

The characters in Guitar Hero XBOX ONE are based on actual rockstars, but you can customize them however you want. You can dress each character in a variety of different outfits, or even change their hair and makeup. If the one that comes with the game isn’t your style, don’t worry—you can use the money earned during gameplay to purchase new outfits for your favorite musicians at any time. And if that’s not enough for you to be satisfied with your character’s look and feel in this fantastical world of music and fun, then maybe a new guitar will do?

You can also unlock more characters by completing various achievements throughout each song—the more difficult songs have more challenging achievements that unlock special characters from time to time!

Set List

The game has a total of 49 songs, with 42 in the main list and 7 more as DLC. Most of these are available to you right off the bat, but if you want access to them all (or more freebies), there’s some digging required.

You get 10 free songs when you start playing:

  • Afterlife (30 Seconds To Mars)
  • Ace Of Spades ’08 (Motörhead)
  • Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones)
  • Cowgirl (Kenny Rogers)
  • Cult Of Personality (’80s Eric Cartman Mix) (’80s Eric Cartman Mix – Living Colour)
  • Fire It Up (’80s Eric Cartman Mix – Thousand Foot Krutch)
  • Foolin’ Around (’80s Eric Cartman Mix – Blackfoot)
  • Ghost Busters Theme Song(’80s Eric Cartman Mix)(Ray Parker Jr.)

Ultra-Realistic Guitars

The game also features new guitars with a real guitar feel. With the new GHX, you can slide your fingers up and down the fretboard, strumming chords and hammering on/pulling off notes with ease. New buttons have been added to make it easier to tap out solos by performing sweeping bends on the neck, which makes for an exciting experience that’s easy to learn and play. If you’ve wanted to play like Eddie Van Halen or Slash but never got around to learning how, now is your chance!

GHX has taken advantage of new technology in order to give players a realistic experience when playing with the game’s various instruments (guitar, bass guitar). It should come as no surprise that these upgraded guitars are extremely popular among players who wish they could take their skills beyond their living room walls and show off their talent at a local bar or concert hall.

Online Multiplayer Mode

With the online multiplayer mode, you can play with or against friends and strangers in private or public matches. You can also play in ranked or unranked matches and join public or private lobbies. The multiplayer mode allows you to play against other players in the same game!

Low Cost of Entry

The game itself is relatively inexpensive, with a base price of $59.99. The guitar will cost you $99.99 (the standard Green Day starter pack), but can be customized to your liking with additional features such as colored buttons and graphics that match your favorite rock band’s style. For comparison’s sake, other musical video games like Rock Band 4 are sold for between $49.99 and $59.99; this makes Guitar Hero XBOX ONE a great value if you’re looking for something more affordable but still want to get involved in the action-packed fun!

If you’re still on the fence about buying this game because of its price tag, consider how much other similar games cost: Most titles require players to buy both an instrument peripheral along with the actual game itself; this means that some people have paid upwards of $150 just for their gaming experience! With Guitar Hero XBOX ONE being so affordable by comparison (you’ll pay around half that amount), it’s clear which option offers better value for money spent on entertainment products such as these ones here today…

The new Guitar Hero XBOX ONE Upgrade will be a must-try for everyone.

The new Guitar Hero XBOX ONE Upgrade will be a must-try for everyone. This new iteration of the franchise improves on many aspects of the previous release and adds in some new features that elevate it above its predecessor. The gameplay is still very similar to previous games, with one important difference: you can now play through entire songs by yourself or with friends online or locally! This means you don’t have to worry about finding people who are willing and able to play through an entire song with you anymore—you can just pick up your guitar controller and play along with your favorite artists’ tunes at home! The multiplayer mode also supports up to eight people playing at once so there’s plenty of room for everyone’s skillsets, no matter how good they are.


Overall, we were extremely impressed with Guitar Hero XBOX ONE Upgrade. The gameplay is addictive and challenging, the characters and customization options are robust, the set list is awesome, and the guitars are hyper-realistic. Not to mention, there’s also a great online multiplayer mode for those who want to play with friends or strangers all over the world! Plus, it’s at an affordable price point that won’t break your bank account. This new game has everything you could possibly want in a video game that involves strumming virtual strings while rocking out on stage!

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