How to use a video game controller for PS4, PS3 and XBOX One.


You can’t play video games without a controller, as every gamer would agree. Luckily, it’s hard to mess up using a controller once you get started. All you really have to do is connect the controller to your console and start playing! To learn more about how to use your brand new controller for PS4, PS3 or Xbox One, see below.

Insert the batteries into the controller

Insert batteries into the controller:

Before you use your controller, you’ll need to put batteries in it. To insert the batteries:

  • Open the battery compartment door by either pressing where indicated on the front of your PS4™ system or simply sliding it open. You can also remove this door completely if you want, but we recommend leaving it in place so that dirt doesn’t get inside of your controller and cause problems later on. Make sure not to lose this door!
  • Insert two AA-size alkaline (or rechargeable NiMH) batteries with their positive (+) end facing towards the front of your console and their negative (-) end facing towards its back; then close the battery compartment door again by sliding or pressing until they click into place.

Connect the controller to your console

When it comes to connecting the controller, there are two ways:

  • Connecting the controller to your console with a USB cable
  • Using Bluetooth to connect the controller wirelessly (this works on all three versions of the Xbox One)

Start a game and play!

Now that you have your controller, let’s start playing! Connect the controller to your PS4 or Xbox One console, then press the button on it that looks like a disc. This will turn on your device and allow you to select a game. If this is not working for you, try restarting your console. You may also need to install updates before starting a game (if this happens, follow the instructions given by your system).

Once everything is set up and updated, use either of these methods:

  • Select a title from the main menu using directional keys on your controller and then press A when highlighted at an option (PlayStation) or B (Xbox).
  • Double-tap X for Xbox One if there are no other controllers connected with it; otherwise tap Y instead (this will open an overlay with different options including ‘My Games & Apps’). For PlayStation 4 users skip this step entirely as there’s nothing similar available; instead navigate through menus using buttons listed above previously mentioned ones – up/down/left/right arrows along with triangle button used here while playing video games online against friends or strangers who live across town but still share common interests such as gaming hobbyists do nowdays 🙂

Play video games with your controller today!

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