Beat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft Story Mode – Here’s How


Good news, Minecraft fans! We’ve got the full guide to beating the ender dragon in Minecraft Story Mode. Don’t worry if you’re stuck and just need a little help – this walkthrough has your back with step-by-step instructions on how to defeat the big baddie in Minecraft’s first fully-fledged story mode.

Take the antidote and free the rest of your friends.

If you want to beat the ender dragon in Minecraft Story Mode, then here’s what you need to do.

First, take the antidote from the ender dragon. Then, free the rest of your friends.

This will help you in your fight against him and prevent you from getting hurt too badly!

Find a way to get the Eversource.

In order to beat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft Story Mode, you’ll need to find three items. The first is an ender dragon egg. This item can be crafted with blaze powder, magma cream and any other material that has the “extra strong” tag on it. You can also buy an ender dragon egg from a villager if you have enough emeralds on hand.

The second item you’ll need is called Eversource (sometimes referred to as Blaze Rod). To get this item, all you have to do is kill a blaze monster or zombie villager and their respective items will drop off them when they die. This can be done by hitting them with your sword until they’re dead!

Finally, there’s also a third thing that might be useful: A stronghold! In order for this part of your quest to work properly though – we’ll need some help from our friends at Mojang Studios themselves because they haven’t released any official information regarding how exactly these two things interact yet (but hopefully soon)!

Place the amulet in the pedestal.

Now that you’ve defeated the Ender Dragon, you can place the amulet on its pedestal. The End Portal will open and you’re free to go through it!

Kill all of the Endermen.

You can kill the ender dragon in Minecraft Story Mode with a diamond sword. You can buy or craft one using three diamonds. Use it to defeat the Endermen that attack him and then hit him once he’s on his back. If you’re playing in multiplayer, make sure that each player has a different job (i.e., one person kills Endermen and another hits the dragon).

Jump up on a piece of bedrock, then shoot it with a diamond arrow.

If you’re playing on an Xbox, press A to jump up onto a piece of bedrock. Then, press X to shoot the diamond arrow at the ender dragon. If you’re playing on a PC, press Z to jump up onto a piece of bedrock and then use your diamond sword to kill the ender dragon.

Defeat the Ender Dragon.

  • Use Ender Dragon eggs to damage the dragon.
  • Use Ender Dragon eggs to heal yourself or your friends.
  • Use Ender Dragon eggs to heal the dragon itself.

This is how to beat the ender dragon in Minecraft Story Mode.

  • Take the antidote and free the rest of your friends

This will help you to heal yourself after battling with the Ender Dragon. It’s also a good idea to take it before fighting so that if something happens, you can heal yourself before continuing on your quest.

  • Find a way to get the Eversource

The only way to defeat this boss is with an Eversource and without one, there is no victory for you here! To get one and continue forward in your story mode experience follow these steps:

  • Find the crafting table (it’s near where Olivia was held captive)
  • Use three iron ingots, three redstone dusts & two sticks around this table to make a pickaxe (if you don’t have any of those items in your inventory then just craft them). Then use that pickaxe on stone blocks until they break apart into cobblestone pieces; cobblestone pieces are considered “digging” material which means that if you have any left over after completing this step then just throw them away because they won’t do anything else for us right now either way! No worries though because once again we’re not done yet…


Be warned that this can be a difficult challenge, but once you complete it, you’ll be able to say you’ve beaten one of the hardest Minecraft bosses! Good luck and happy crafting!

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