Achieve Higher Ranking in COD


Congratulations: you’ve made the decision to rank up in Call of Duty Ghosts. While I’m sure you’re eager to get started, it’s worth your while to read these tips and tricks before jumping into the game. Ranking up isn’t easy, but it is possible; with persistence and dedication, you’ll go from a novice player to an expert (or at least a pretty good one).

Play the game a lot.

The most important thing that you need to do is play the game a lot. Play it all day, every day if possible. The more time you spend playing COD: Ghosts the better your rank will be. The more kills and headshots you get, the higher your rank will be.

Play for long periods of time.

One thing that you can do to rank up faster is to play for long periods of time. It’s not just the amount of time that matters, but also how consistently you play.

Here are some ways to get started:

  • Play for at least 2 hours a day. If you want to rank up as fast as possible, it will be important to set aside some time every day specifically for Call of Duty Ghosts.
  • Play for at least 5 hours a week. Even if this means playing one hour per night during the weekends, it will help your progress tremendously if you can make this commitment during the weekdays too!
  • Play for at least 10 hours a month on average (but aim for 20). If your schedule permits it, try getting in two sessions per day and don’t forget about those good old-fashioned weekends!

Play in larger parties.

It’s a no-brainer that playing in larger parties will help your chances of winning matches. If all four players are on the same page and working together, it’s easier to strategize, communicate, and get kills. Smaller parties tend to be more disorganized and less efficient at killing enemies than larger parties who have more people with whom they can discuss their tactics. It also makes sense that playing with friends would improve your ability to beat other players online because you’re used to communicating with them and know how they play as well as how they react under pressure.

However, if you’re not able to form a party before beginning each match (or don’t want to wait until after each match), there is still hope! You can always try finding one through the game lobby system or even just ask around yourself by posting on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook – there are plenty of people looking for one already!

Use boosting methods.

  • Boosting is the practice of playing a game with a friend or other player who has a high rank. For example, in “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” if you want to get ahead in the game and get more points, boost with someone who has a high rank.
  • Boosting is not allowed in Call of Duty: Ghosts. If you are caught boosting, you can be banned from playing online for life!

Achieve the highest rank possible in “COD: Ghosts.”

There are many ways to rank up in “COD: Ghosts.” The best way to achieve the highest rank possible is by earning as many points as you can. Some of the ways you can earn points include:

  • Getting kills
  • Completing objectives
  • Playing as a team with your teammates

Playing frequently and for long periods of time can improve your ranking in “Call of Duty Ghosts.”

Playing frequently and for long periods of time can improve your ranking in “Call of Duty Ghosts.” There are a few ways to do this:

  • Play in larger parties
  • Use boosting methods to get ahead faster, such as using the “Party Assist” feature or using an automatic matchmaking service like [GameBoost](
  • Achieve the highest rank possible in “COD: Ghosts.”


Now that you have learned some tips on how to rank up in call of duty ghosts, go out there and get started! The sooner you start playing, the sooner you will see your ranking improve. The key is to play for long periods of time and with larger parties.

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