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Welcome to Player Unknown’s Battleground, where you and 100 others will fight to be the last man standing amongst the ruins of a fallen world. Before you can jump into your first game, though, you’ll need a few things: some skill, an appetite for battle, and a basic understanding of how to connect to games online. While I can’t help with the first two items on that list (sorry!), I can answer any questions about connecting in this quick tutorial. So get ready for battle!

Choose your region

The first thing you need to do is choose your region, server, play list and language. To do this, simply click the button that says ‘PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS,’ which will display a drop down menu containing all four options.

Once you’ve chosen your region and language, you can select which server you wish to play on by clicking on ‘All Servers.’ This will open up another drop down menu where you can choose from any of the available servers in your region. You’ll also see an option for choosing between playing solo or duo matches; duo matches are generally more fun than solo ones because there are more people around who can help if something goes wrong!

Search for your server

To find the server that’s right for you, first search by region. You can select from Asia, EU and NA (North America). If you’re looking for a specific ping range, sort by ping to find which servers are closest to your area.

If you don’t know where to start with this list of choices, organize it by player count or server name. These will give quick ideas on what kind of experience other people have had on each server at different times of day.

To narrow down your choices further based on technical details like type or ping speed, click the “more details” button in order to see more information about each server individually

Connect to the chosen server

Now that you’ve found a match, it’s important to make sure you are connected to the right server. There are two types of servers: those that allow cross-platform play between PC, Xbox One and mobile devices (the default), and those dedicated to PC players only. It’s also vital that you’re playing on the game’s official servers—there are third-party services which offer “higher quality” experiences for a fee; these cannot be trusted and may result in account bans if discovered by PUBG Corp.

Finally, make sure that your team is actually going into battle together; on occasion this can cause problems when more than one player enters from different locations around the world.

Pick a play list

Select a play list

There are currently three different playlists for PUBG that you can choose from: War Mode, Regular and Arcade. Each of these modes has its own rules and objectives, as well as its own maps.

War mode is when you are playing with 100 players on the Erangel map. In this mode, there are very few safe zones and only one winner at the end of each round. You can also choose how many people (or bots) you want to be in your team by increasing or reducing the number of players in the matchmaking pool (either solo or duo).

Regular mode is when you are playing with 100 players on Miramar map with regular loot placement rules applied to all weapons found throughout gameplay except for sniper rifles which tend to spawn more frequently than other weapons do! You also get experience points while playing in this playlist so it’s a good idea if you want something less intense than “War” but still challenging enough not just yet ready for “Arcade” challenges yet still have fun doing so! The map offers more open spaces compared to Erangel which makes aiming easier sometimes but at times harder too due to terrain difficulty getting caught up between trees etc..

Now you should be able to find yourself a game and get playing!

Now that you know how to play, it’s time to get into a game. Go ahead through the menus and find yourself a match. There are several options available:

  • Solo: This is your standard PUBG mode where you play by yourself on a server with 100 other players. You’ll need to work together with strangers or else be knocked out of the game very quickly!
  • Duo: For those who want a little bit more help, this mode pairs two people together on one team against 99 other squads. It can be more difficult without any teammates, but at least you have someone else around to watch your back?
  • Squads: Squad up with as many friends as you like in this co-operative mode where every player contributes their skills towards winning the round. It’s great for getting into PUBG if you’re worried about dying too much at first!


Well there you have it, all the steps needed to get you playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and in no time at all! If you follow these steps and do your research into the game and its mechanics, then you should be able to find yourself a game. Good luck out there!

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