The Funniest Video Game Glitches That Can Happen To You


Video games are meant to be the perfect blend of real world and fantasy. The graphics and storylines that developers come up with are truly impressive and take us to places we have only dreamed about. However, there is a dark side to this utopia. Glitches can happen in any game, anywhere, at anytime.

These glitches not only ruin the experience for you, but can also make you laugh hysterically at the poor soul who was unlucky enough to encounter one! So let’s look at some of these hilarious game glitches!

Glitched into walls and ceilings

  • One of the most frustrating glitches you can ever experience in a video game is one that encases you in a wall or ceiling. It’s especially frustrating when it happens because you don’t have any control over it, and all you can do is watch as your character runs into that invisible barrier at full speed.
  • To avoid this from happening, make sure to always keep moving forward and be ready for any unforeseen obstacles that may pop up along your way.
  • If this does happen to you, try hitting B repeatedly until your character falls down onto solid ground again. Just be careful not to get stuck inside something else while trying to escape!

Failed to sync lip movements with dialogue

When a character in a video game is speaking, their lips move. This is something that many of us take for granted as we play through our favorite games. But what happens when the lip syncing doesn’t work? If you’ve ever played a game with unsynchronized dialogue, then you know how funny it can be to watch characters’ mouths flapping silently while they’re supposed to be talking!

And this isn’t just an isolated incident; lip syncing errors have cropped up in games since the beginning of time (and even before). Lip syncing issues are so common that they’ve become part of gaming’s rich history—so much so that there are entire websites dedicated to cataloging them (if you haven’t already checked out [Lip Sync Wiki](, do yourself a favor and give it a visit).

Characters getting stuck in environmental geometry

If you’re not familiar with this problem, it happens when a character is stuck in a wall or a door and can’t get out. A lot of times, that character will slide around in circles until they run into something else and then stop moving altogether.

If this has happened to you, don’t fret; there’s an easy way to fix the glitch without having to restart your game or revert back to an earlier save file (in most cases). If you’re playing on PC, just go into your system options and change the screen resolution down by one notch—the smaller size should unstick your character from environmental geometry so that he can walk/run normally again!

On consoles like PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? You might be out of luck if this happens mid-level – but if not then try pressing the ‘Home’ button on your controller first before exiting out through Options > Quit Game . This should get rid of any issues preventing player movement such as glitches or crashes.

Game physics

Game physics are the laws of nature that govern the behavior of objects in a game. They describe how objects interact with each other and how they move around in response to various forces, such as gravity or momentum. Game physics is a combination of mathematics, programming and art: it requires skills from many disciplines like engineering and computer science.

Game physics has its roots in classical mechanics, which describes how objects move when affected by forces (such as gravity) or when they bounce off each other like pool balls on a table. In modern video games, you can see many examples where physical interactions are programmed into characters’ models so they react according to these laws; for example if you run into another person in real life then both people will stop moving forward but will instead bounce back toward where they were before running into each other!

There are funny glitches that happen to all video games.

There are funny glitches that happen to all video games. These glitches happen when the developers didn’t test the game, or if they did test it, they didn’t think about what could go wrong.

They can be frustrating and have you pulling your hair out trying to figure out a solution. But, in some cases, these funny glitches can make your day!


Hope you enjoyed some of these hilarious video game glitches.

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