Finger Puppet Frenzy Now Available On The App Store

Independent developer and publisher, Neon Blue Studio and Square Egg Games respectively, announced the release of their first mobile game title Finger Puppet Frenzy. It is available now in the App Store and is compatible on the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

Finger Puppet Frenzy is considered one of those rare titles that offers equal amounts of entertainment for kids and adults alike. It boosts colorful graphics, intuitive controls, and simple yet addictive wack’em gameplay.

Help Happy Harry and his puppet friends keep their harmony safe from Angry Aaron, a very mean puppet. Angry Aaron plots to turn all the smiles of the puppets into frowns. Keep Happy Harry and his pals hide from the mean puppet.

Hiding the puppets is as easy as quickly tapping them and avoiding Angry Aaron. Along the way, you’ll see special puppets that will help or hinder your success. The title progresses quickly enough to appeal to even the most experienced casual gamers and boasts 3 levels of difficulty, free play mode, and unlimited levels. For those who like to track their achievements, Finger Puppet Frenzy incorporates OpenFeint, a network that uses cross-network leaderboards to encourage competition among friends.

Gamers can try the lite version for free in they are on the fence. Finger Puppet Frenzy can be found in the App Store for $.99 for the full version.

[Source: Square Egg Games]

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