EA Switching to All Digital Manuals

EA Spokesmen Rob Semsey has announced that they will no longer be sending instruction manuals with their games, which started with Fight Night Champion. In an effort to be more environmentally conscious they will now include a digital copy of the manual on the game disc. EA now joins Ubisoft as the only publishers to completely abandon the physical manuals and it’s about time.

EA manuals were a complete waste; most of them were only a few pages and they didn’t tell you anything that you couldn’t learn from the in-game tutorials. Not to mention that the majority of their sports titles, which are the biggest titles for EA, start with a tutorial. EA will obviously be saving money by not printing the manuals but I doubt any of us gamers will see any of those savings passed onto us; but they aren’t doing it for us, they are doing it for the environment right?

Every now and then I do like reading through a manual, especially from game developers who take the time to make the manual unique, but the reality is they are a waste and hopefully every publisher will follow Ubisoft’s and EA’s lead in the coming years.

[Source: Kotaku]

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