Catherine Arrives Summer 2011

It’s finally official.  While many of us held high hopes that the sexy and secretive Catherine would arrive for North American PS3s (and 360s) at some point, Atlus had been silent on the matter until today, when the company announced to its “faithful” following the game will arrive this summer for both consoles.

No more details were yet given, but you can already pre-order from your favorite retailer via the temporary gateway website, if you can’t wait.  A full website is said to be coming soon.

Personally, I am really excited not only that we will get a chance to play the game, period, but the fact that we have so little time to wait.  The short gap from the Japanese release (just a few weeks ago) until this summer’s English release suggests localization and a planned US release were in effect months in advance.

Either way, Catherine is coming!  Now all we have to do is cross our fingers that we’ll get some news about Persona 2 Portable arriving on our shores in the near future.

[Source: Atlus]

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