Media Molecule Looking to Hire Graphics Programmer

It has recently been spotted on the Media Molecule website that the company is looking for “someone exceptional, in the human form of an experienced graphics programmer, to paint magic and wonder into our new world. Shaping all parts of the art pipeline, from making artists happy with solid tools, right through to exciting millions of gamers with the final beautiful results on the screen.”

When asked by Joystiq about what this job posting could lead to, Media Molecule’s co-founder Alex Evans replied that there are no announcements for any projects in the near future. He also stated that the world would have to just continue speculating for the time being. If this is a sign of another LittleBigPlanet title gracing either the PlayStation Portable or Sony’s upcoming NGP, I am sure there shall be plenty of happy gamers. This will not be their first appearance on a handheld console but it is possible that it will be the first one done completely by Media Molecule.

[Source: Media Molecule via Joystiq]

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