10 Tips For First Time Video Gamers


It’s never too late to start gaming. Whether you’re looking to pick up a new hobby or just want to spend some time with your inner child, diving into the world of video games can be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you’ll ever do—and there are more options than ever before. So where should you start? By following these 10 tips for first-time gamers:

1. Don’t listen to the haters

There will always be people who don’t like video games. You’re going to hear it from them, see it on the internet and read about it in your favorite newspaper. Sometimes, you’ll even hear this from your own friends and family members.

When someone tries to tell you that video games are bad for you or that they waste your time, just remember: they don’t know what they’re talking about because they haven’t played enough video games themselves! If their opinion is based on their own personal experiences with a single game (or even worse) one lousy hour spent playing Call of Duty or FIFA, then their opinion is meaningless. It doesn’t matter how much experience they think they have playing Super Mario Bros., if they’ve never tried Super Smash Bros., then how could they possibly know whether or not it’s worth trying out?

2. Be patient

  • Don’t expect to be good at everything right away.
  • Be patient with yourself and don’t get discouraged if you’re not a pro at the game right away.
  • If you are struggling, don’t be afraid to ask for help or take a break
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things

3. Drop some cash on peripherals

The first time you’re playing a game and you find yourself frustrated by your inability to do something, it’s time to think about peripherals. A gaming mouse is the most important peripheral for any gamer because it allows for greater accuracy in aiming and clicking on objects. This can make all the difference between winning or losing. Gaming keyboards are also important because they allow faster typing speeds than standard keyboards, which means faster responses in games like MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online games). Gaming headsets are great because they allow players to communicate with teammates without having to yell at their TV screens or disturb other people who live in close proximity. A gaming mouse pad provides an even surface on which your mouse can glide smoothly across its surface; this helps prevent misclicks and makes sure that your cursor never gets stuck as it moves around onscreen. Lastly, a good gaming mouse mat is essential if you want smooth tracking while playing games with intense graphics requirements like FPS titles such as CS:GO or Overwatch!

4. Conserve that ammo

It isn’t a bad idea to conserve your ammo as much as possible. However, there are times when it’s important to use all of your ammo in a game—for example, when you’re fighting bosses and mini-bosses. You will naturally want to conserve ammunition for these kinds of fights because this way you can take down the enemy faster and more easily. But when it comes down to normal enemies and small animals such as wolves or bears, don’t waste your shots on them because they aren’t worth it!

5. Always use a headset

This is one of the most important tips in the article. Playing with other people is a lot more fun than playing alone, and you’ll be able to communicate with them using a headset.

Some games allow you to choose what kind of microphone you want in your game so that it meets your needs. You can either choose one that has an omnidirectional mic or one that picks up everything around it (which is good for not missing out on other sounds). It’s also best if you use headphones rather than speakers because then no one else will hear what you’re saying, only those people playing with you. This can be very useful if someone has a bad habit of swearing when they play video games!

6. Let them play

Let them play the games they want to play. When you start playing video games, it is important that you give yourself the freedom to choose your own game without worrying about what other people will think of it or whether the game is worth playing. Do not be afraid of trying something new and different.

There are so many genres and types of games that there is likely at least one out there that would interest everyone! Even if you don’t like a particular genre, try it anyway as you may learn something new about yourself or just enjoy something new that isn’t normally your type!

7. Play games you love

This one is the most important tip. If you have a game you love, and it’s not popular, play it! If a game has been out for years and no one else seems to be playing it, play it! It doesn’t matter if there are other games out there with better graphics or more content that might look better on your shelf—if you want to enjoy gaming as a hobby then don’t limit yourself to whatever’s popular at any given moment. You need to try new things and find what makes video games fun for YOU, because if you’re going to spend money on things like cables or controllers (which can add up quickly) then why not invest in something that keeps making you happy?

There are so many different genres of video games out there too: action/adventure, sports simulators, platformers and puzzle games just scratch the surface of what’s available. Try out different platforms like consoles or mobile devices; try out different developers (like Rockstar Games); try out different publishers (like Electronic Arts). There are so many options available now that can help increase your collection while also keeping things interesting!

8. Avoid the best-seller list

Don’t let the best-seller list fool you.

This one is fairly obvious, but it’s worth stating: avoid games that are popular. Popular games are usually bad and overrated, and they’re often overhyped by the gaming industry as well. If a game has been getting a lot of attention for months or years before its release date, there’s probably a reason–and that reason might be that it’s really good. But more often than not, this isn’t true! There are so many great indie titles out there that it’d be crazy not to look into them instead of spending your money on mediocre AAA titles (which are sometimes just full of microtransactions).

9. Take on co-op games with friends

Playing co-op games with friends can be a great way to bond over your shared love of video gaming. Whether it’s going in on a new title together or taking turns with an old classic, you’ll have fun and learn how to work together as a team.

You might even find yourself being better at the game than if you were playing solo! But don’t worry if that doesn’t happen. There are plenty of other benefits from playing with friends:

  • You’ll be able to talk about your victories and defeats—and commiserate about them, too!
  • It’s easier to learn from your mistakes when someone else is there helping you out (or laughing at them).
  • Co-op games can help teach basic communication skills when all players need to share information about where enemies are coming from, what power ups are nearby, etc..

10. Remember the classics (and seek them out)

While you are learning the ropes, it is a good idea to play games that you love and have played before. Play them with friends and family if possible and use the controller, keyboard or mouse on your computer. If you are using a joystick then try using different gamepads (as each one has its own unique feel).

Great gaming advice for newcomers

Being a new gamer can be intimidating, especially if you’ve been playing video games your entire life. But that’s okay! You’re not alone. Let’s go over some great tips for first time video game players who are looking to get more involved in the community and have fun doing it.

  • Don’t listen to haters—unless they have good advice and are willing to take the time with you, don’t listen to them! From personal experience I can tell you that most negative people aren’t going to give you any useful information and will only make you feel bad about yourself or worse yet, discourage you from trying new things (like gaming).
  • Be patient—it takes time to learn how everything works so don’t rush into anything too quickly unless there’s a game clock counting down on screen (which there never should be). If something doesn’t seem right after several attempts then maybe it isn’t meant for this particular player just yet! Try another game instead; one day soon things will click together like magic!
  • Drop some cash on peripherals—if there is one piece of advice that everyone needs right now it’s this: invest early on into some good quality hardware like headsets or controllers because they’ll save lives later down the road when playing online multiplayer games where communication between team members’ voices becomes crucial during tense moments such as stressful battles against raid bosses or prolonged shootouts against enemy NPCs


Video games have been around for a long time, and it can be difficult for new players to learn what’s what. But as you get started with your journey through the world of gaming, these ten tips will help you out and ensure that you’ll never feel lost or confused again!

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