iPhone to See Sequel of Point-and-Click Goblins, Gobliins 2

Gobliins 2, the second game in the Goblins trilogy, will be making its way to the iPhone thanks to DotEmu and Bulkypix this March. The games first appeared on the Atari/Amiga consoles back in the 1990′s and are considered some of the first hits of the puzzle platformer genre.

The story follows two goblins as they offer to help rescue the Prince from the evil clutches of Amoniak. Gobliins 2 mixes elements from both the puzzle genre and the adventure genre. To progress through each level, you must complete the challenging puzzles. You have control over the two goblins, each with their own special skill. Puzzles require you to utilize both goblins’ skills in order to complete the puzzles.

For more information, please visit the Bulkypix website.

[Source: Bulkypix]

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