Call Of Duty 3 Tips to Master Modern Warfare


Call of duty has been a massive hit coming out with its first game in 2003 and now releasing its 16th game in the franchise. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare came out in 2007 and was met with rave reviews, but now that it’s 2019, people are struggling to get good at the game. Well look no further because we have 3 tips that will make you pro status.

Recoil Control

Recoil is a game mechanic that is present in all Call of Duty games. Recoil is the tendency for a gun to be pushed upwards when fired, which makes it harder to aim at targets while firing. The rate of this upward movement can vary from weapon to weapon, but it’s something you should be aware of if you want to get better at the game.

There are two ways players can control this mechanic: by adjusting their aim or by reducing their sensitivity settings (this only affects some games). If you want to use your mouse or controller more effectively, I recommend trying both methods and seeing which one works best for you!


What is a killfeed?

A screen that shows all the deaths of players in your game, so you can see who you killed and who killed you. How to use the killfeed effectively:

  • It tells you who killed you and when they did it. If there was no one else around when I was taken out by my enemy, then there is a good chance that player was close by me and I should look for them on my next respawn. You should always pay attention to what happened before dying because this could help prevent from being killed again or help make your future kills more effective or efficient.
  • It will show how many times people have died at certain places such as campers or closets or entrances/exits of buildings which might give some hints about where not to go next time if we want to survive longer than 5 seconds in battle without getting shot up like ducks at a carnival shooting gallery (although this analogy might not seem as funny if it were used by someone else). 3) The killfeed also helps us locate teammates that have been downed by enemies so we can revive them quickly while they still have their health packs intact!


Sniping is a very useful tool in Call of Duty. Sniping can be used to kill enemies from a distance and to take out enemies that are not moving, such as enemies in cover or those who are hiding behind objects and walls. Many people use the sniper rifle as their primary weapon because it is easy and effective at taking out these stationary targets.

However, there are also times when using a sniper rifle isn’t the best option for combat situations. For example, if you’re fighting against multiple opponents in close quarters combat (CQC), sniping may be difficult due to all of the obstacles they can hide behind while firing back at you with their own weapons; this would make it difficult for your bullets to penetrate their cover enough so that they hit them before they hit you first! In these types of situations where CQC might take place–and especially if there aren’t any snipers present yet–it’s best if soldiers stay mobile when fighting against each other so no one gets too close together accidentally..

Throwing Grenades

Throwing grenades is a great way to kill the enemies and take them out of play. If you are using a hand grenade, it will bounce off walls and can be thrown through windows.

The best way to do this is to wait until an enemy comes close enough that they can’t shoot back at you before throwing the grenade at them. It’s also important not to throw the grenade too soon or too late because if you do either thing, the enemy will have time to react and shoot your grenade away from them before it explodes. You should practice different times for throwing until getting a feel for how long it takes for your enemy’s reaction time when trying this tactic out in game play

Choosing Your Loadout

Choosing your loadout is a big deal. You can’t just pick up any gun and expect to be successful, as you’ll need to consider the map you’re playing on, the game mode you’re playing in (team deathmatch or domination), and even your team makeup.

As such, it’s best to start by researching what weapons are available and then finding out what other players like to use on certain maps. If you have a favorite weapon in mind already, but want help deciding whether it’s right for certain situations then check out this chart of guns available in Call Of Duty 3: Modern Warfare Edition (COD3).

How to Use EOD

Explosives are one of the best tools in your arsenal, and they can be used in a variety of situations. You should always have at least one explosive (like an M-67) on you at all times.

For vehicles: Explosives are the only way to take out vehicles without using another vehicle. If you see an enemy jeep, tank or APC approaching, throw an explosive into their path and then take cover behind something sturdy like a concrete barrier as they speed towards it. You’ll hear a loud bang when they’re destroyed by the blast, which means that you’ve just earned yourself some extra points! If there are no obstacles nearby for them to run into though (like trees), try throwing a grenade inside the vehicle itself since this will cause damage from within as well as from outside – although make sure not to get caught up in any resulting explosions yourself!

For rooms before entering: Explosives can also help clear out rooms before going through them so make sure before entering any potentially dangerous situation that there aren’t any threats waiting inside waiting for you…or if there are then use EOD first!”

With these tips you will be able to play call of duty like a pro.

With these tips you will be able to play call of duty like a pro.

You will be able to play Call Of Duty better than your friends, enemies and family.


Well that’s it. Thanks everyone for reading this awesome blog and I hope you guys will apply these tips in the battlefield. Remember to use your EODs wisely and don’t half-ass things. Good luck out there and have fun!

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