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Matches of three or more blocks

When you match three or more blocks of the same color, they will be cleared. Matching four or more will clear them and give you a special block that can be used as part of a combo. If you have five or more matching blocks, your special block will be striped with alligator candy blast, while six or more matching blocks brings an icy blast that clears several layers at once.

Get 5 or more in a row to get a special block

Special blocks are a great way to clear large areas of the board. There are two ways you can get special blocks: matching 5 or more candies in a row, or matching a special candy on a striped candy.

  • Once you have created a special block, it will clear out all of the candies surrounding it.
  • Special blocks appear as pink and white squares when you make them disappear by making other matches near them. It’s important to see this so that you know how many moves ahead your opponent has made!

Plan ahead for big combos

When you are planning ahead, it is important to know what you can do and how many points you can get. If you have a lot of special blocks on the board, use them. You will get a lot more points if you use the special blocks. You can also get a lot of points with small combos, but this depends on what board type and level that you are playing in Candy Crush Saga:

Blocks don’t have to be directly adjacent to each other

Blocks don’t have to be directly adjacent to each other.

In fact, you can use special blocks to clear out large sections of candy.

These include striped alligator blast, icy blast and fish blast.

Special blocks can help clear out large sections

Special blocks can help clear out large sections of the board, which is especially helpful in levels that are too hard or too easy.

The question mark block will give you a random amount of candies, which can range from one to seven. This special block is great for getting rid of difficult levels that require a lot of moves to beat but don’t give enough candy to make them worth it. You can also use this special block when you want to keep playing and see what happens with the number of moves you have left after clearing all the lines on the board (and possibly making some mistakes).

The striped candies are another excellent way to clear out large sections at once! You can combine them with other special pieces like color bombs or wrapped candies, depending on what works best on a particular level!

Fish blast

  • Fish Blast: Use this when you have a large section of blocks to clear out, like the center of the board or a bunch of rows/columns.
  • To use fish blast, you will need to be able to make matches vertically, horizontally and diagonally. It’s also helpful if you can create matches in multiple directions at once.

Here are some tips for using fish blast:* When possible, combine your fish with surrounding candies (or both sides of a candy) that are already touching so that you can clear out large sections at once.* You should be careful not to move any candies around while making these combinations because they might change their position and make it harder for other pieces nearby on the board.* If your goal is just clearing one row/column/diagonal without leaving any remaining blocks behind (or breaking any combos), try aiming for groups with only two or three pieces instead of four or five so that there will still be enough room left over after clearing these areas off completely!

Striped Alligator Blast

Striped Alligator Blast

The Striped Alligator Blast is a special block that clears out all the blocks of the same color. It can be used to clear multiple rows at once, or even just one row if you are lucky enough to get it in the right place.

Icy Blast

An Icy Blast is a special candy that can be used to clear an entire row of candies. When you get one, it will automatically be placed in your Icy Blast slot and will stay there until you use it.

To use an icy blast, click on the purple button with ice crystals on it at the bottom-right of your screen. You’ll see a number appear over each candy that is directly above where you’d click to make another move (the number represents how many spaces away from its current position this piece moves when blasted). Once you’re happy with everything, click either “Blast” or “Small Blast.”

If you use Small Blast and don’t clear any pieces off the board, nothing happens—no harm no foul! If however you use Large or Super Large Blasts and don’t clear any pieces off the board…well then things go awry pretty quickly as they’ll start sliding back into place where they came from before getting hit by your chilly blast! That being said though: if there’s still some kind of crazy combo left on screen after blasting away some candies—don’t worry! Your board won’t reset itself; any combos remaining intact will remain so after blasting away other pieces around them (so long as those combos aren’t covered up by new ones).

Candy crush is actually not that hard.

Candy Crush is actually not that hard.

It’s a game that people play when they have nothing else to do, or if they want to kill time. The reason why it seems so difficult is because there are a lot of people who don’t know how to play Candy Crush. If you’re one of these people and you have no idea what’s going on, then you’ve come to the right place!


We hope you find our suggestions useful and most importantly, we hope they help you win your next Candy Crush game!

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