myFUN is your typical snake game where it keeps coming back and you have to get all the food and have the best score.


myFUN is a snake game which you have to get all the food and you have to avoid the walls or else it will end.

Guide the snake to gobble up everything with it’s mouth

Although the snake is controlled by the mouse, it’s head moves in the direction of the mouse. This means that if you click on either side of its body, it will turn in that direction and follow your mouse. If you move your cursor to any other part of the screen, it will not be able to eat anything until it has returned back to where it was before.

It can eat food, stay away from the walls, and make sure to not run into itself.

The snake can eat food, but it can’t run into the walls or itself. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you have to control the direction of your snake. The game will start automatically in a random direction and once it is running, you can use your finger to swipe left and right on either side of the screen to move it in those directions.

The more you eat the more points you get and make the snake grow bigger.

You start off as a tiny snake, and every time you eat food, the snake grows bigger. The more food you eat, the more points you get and the bigger your snake gets. Also, if you run into yourself or a wall or dead end then it will die and then reappear on one side of where the collision happened.

This game is really fun because you are able to challenge your friends on who has the better score.

One of the best things about this game is you are able to challenge your friends on who has the better score. You can also see who has the best time, points, and most points. You can even see who has the least amount of points if you want to do that. This is a great way for people that want to compete with their friends would like this game because it allows them to do so in an easy manner.


It is fun to play myFUN because you can challenge yourself and see if you can get a better score than your friends.

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