A New Force In The Dating App Space


The dating app world is dominated by Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and OkCupid. These apps have been successful for many singles but not for everyone. Joel Liss is the creator of Evowars, a new dating app that pairs people based on their religion. Not only does this app create matches based on faith but also personality traits to ensure compatibility in the long run. Joel explained that he wanted to make an app that reflected his own values and those of other people with strong faith backgrounds. Joel shares his experience creating Evowars and how users can sign up today:

Meet The Inventor of Evowars, Joel Liss.

Meet the inventor of Evowars, Joel Liss. In a world where millennials especially are more likely to be single than ever before, Joel has created a dating app that targets young Christians and helps them find real relationships.

Joel is a millennial who grew up in the Church and is passionate about helping people find fulfilling relationships. He’s been running several businesses since he was in high school – including his first business which sold organic fruit snacks with bits of dark chocolate (that’s right, we were there at the beginning!).

After graduating from college with an entrepreneurship degree, Joel went on to start two other companies: one focused on bringing clean water to developing countries; another focused on improving recycling programs for colleges and universities across America.

How did the idea come about?

The idea was born out of a personal experience. While Joel Liss was a student at Harvard, he found himself feeling lonely—and not just because he was away from home and family.

“I noticed that there were these very large social communities where I could find friendship and love and connection,” says Liss. “But I didn’t think the way to do it would be through one-on-one dating.”

In fact, he’s never been much interested in traditional dating apps, which made him wonder why there wasn’t something more communal for young adults who wanted social connections but weren’t necessarily looking for romantic partners.

Why a matchmaking app?

The reason is simple: there’s a gap in the market. There are plenty of dating apps out there, but they don’t offer any real help to young adults looking for a match who shares their faith. At evowars, we’re trying to fill that void by partnering with churches and other faith-based organizations to put together single young adults who have similar values and beliefs.

We believe that everything happens for a reason—and that it’s important to believe in something greater than ourselves. So if you do too, sign up now!

The concept of faith-driven dating

Evowars is a dating app designed to help people find partners who share their faith.

People can get matched with other users on the app based on shared values, interests, or lifestyle.

The concept was inspired by the fact that Christians are often at a disadvantage when it comes to using general dating apps like Tinder or Bumble because they don’t want to be matched with someone who isn’t looking for someone of faith (or moral character).

How can people find out more and sign up?

You can also sign up for the app on the website, or download it in the App Store or Google Play.

If you’re interested in getting free lifetime access to the Evowars app and chatting with other singles in your area, sign up now!

There is a new app that matches young people based on their faith.

While there are lots of dating apps out there, one new app is looking to make the dating process more spiritual. The app is called evowars and it’s designed to match people up based on their faith.

The purpose of this app is to help young adults who have strong beliefs find others that share similar principles. Users can sign up with their church, or they can be matched with one that has compatible beliefs. It works in a similar way to Match or eHarmony: users answer questions about themselves and then get matched with other people who fit their preferences for things like religion, race, education level and whether or not they drink alcohol at parties (or at all).

If you’re interested in finding your perfect match online (or even offline), visit evowars today!


The concept of faith-driven dating is not a new one, but this app is certainly a new way to match people based on their beliefs and values. The idea has garnered a lot of attention from the tech community, as well as churches and other religious institutions, which are excited about how the application can help them reach more people in need of spiritual guidance. Whether or not it works remains to be seen, but we’re sure everyone will want to see what happens when people start using it!

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