26 Reasons To Stay in And Play Call of Duty


Some people argue that playing Call of Duty: Black Ops is a waste of time. But what these naysayers fail to realize is that there are actually plenty of reasons to play it. In fact, I came up with 26 reasons why it’s important for you to stay inside and finish that game. So without further ado…

Because you haven’t maxed out your prestige yet.

If you’re new to Call of Duty, or maybe even if you’ve been playing for years, think about prestige as a way to level up your character.

Prestige is when you hit rank 50 and have to start over again at rank 1. You have to do all the same challenges (kill so many players with this weapon, kill so many players without dying, etc.) but with harder goals and higher rewards each time. It’s also a great way to get used to new weapons and learn how each one functions differently from others—your tactics will change as well!

Because the new zombie map is so long, and you have to see how it ends.

Because the new zombie map is so long, and you have to see how it ends.

Zombie mode is always fun for a reason: it’s a great way to get to know your squad. Whether you’re playing with friends or with strangers (or solo), getting through those waves together makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something—and that feeling can be addictive!

Because the season pass is still on sale, and now’s a good time to buy it.

The season pass is a great way to get all the new maps, guns and characters. The price of $50.00 USD makes it a really good deal because you can get all the DLC’s for half the price of buying them separately.

It’s also a good idea to buy it because the season pass will give you access to two future DLCs: Awakening and Eclipse that are coming out on May 8th 2019. If you live in Europe then these expansions will be released on June 4th 2019 instead but either way, this will make your Call of Duty 3 experience even better!

Because you might get that weird super-duper rare supply drop that gives you 1000 xp just for watching a video.

The Call of Duty franchise has several different ways to reward players who put in the time. From getting a supply drop that gives you 1000 xp just for watching a video to earning free loot boxes, there are plenty of ways to get free stuff in Call of Duty 3. Having said that, we can’t guarantee you’ll get a super-duper rare supply drop that gives you 1000 xp for watching a video. But we do know that if you play enough Call of Duty 3 and open enough supply drops, it will eventually happen.

Supply drops are random rewards which include new armor, weapons and even cosmetic items like masks or pants (we don’t know why someone would want pants). While it’s possible to earn these by playing the game itself or buying them with real money at the store (or using some sort of hack), they’re also available through normal gameplay as well—and they’re actually pretty easy to get: all you have to do is play through any mission on any difficulty level until its completion (a win or loss doesn’t matter).

Because you never have time to play outside anyway.

Call of Duty is the only thing you have time for. Sure, you could go outside and play with your friends, but if you had to choose between playing Call of Duty or doing any other activity in your free time, which would it be?

You never have time to go out and do anything fun. You work from nine to five (or eight to four), then come home and have dinner before starting homework at 7:30 p.m., which takes up an hour of your day. After completing homework by 10 p.m., there’s still another hour before bedtime that can be spent on something else like watching TV or reading a book…but who has time for that when there’s a new Call of Duty game coming out?

You might think it’s not fair that we don’t get more than 24 hours in each day—and yeah, maybe it isn’t fair—but life isn’t fair either: people die all the time; bills need paying; relationships break down over trivial things; children grow up too quickly…and so on. Why should playing video games be any different?

Because your entire squad sucked and you want to try again with better teammates.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being on a team that completely sucks. You can’t win games if your teammates are not communicating, helping each other out, taking risks and having fun. If you’re playing with people who don’t talk or aren’t willing to help each other out it’s going to be hard for you and the rest of your team to win games. The best thing about Call of Duty is that there are ways where players can communicate with each other without using voice chat or text messaging (which isn’t very popular in the community).

If you’re playing with people who aren’t willing to communicate via text or voice chat then this means they aren’t willing to take any risk while playing which will lead them into losing more games than winning them. Not only does this make games less fun but also makes it harder for players like myself who want competitive experience because we will constantly be stuck on teams that lack proper teamwork skills and communication abilities.

Because you don’t have any more videos to watch of people pulling epic pranks on their friends.

If you’re looking to watch some videos, there are many options available. If you want high quality, professional content that’s free to watch and enjoy, there are plenty of good options. You can search for the name of your favorite Call of Duty game on YouTube or Twitch. Or if you prefer a more personal feel, Facebook has all sorts of live streams featuring people playing Call of Duty games while interacting with their fans in real time.

This is by far the best way to watch videos now that television has become so outdated—there are no commercials on these sites!

Because there’s no one around to judge you for spending most of your life in front of a screen.

I know you’re probably thinking, “But the people I’m playing with will judge me for spending so much time in front of my screen.” Well, guess what? They won’t. In fact, they’ll be so impressed by how good you are at Call of Duty 3 that they might ask to be your friend on Xbox Live or PSN or whatever platform you play on. And then you can talk about how much fun it is to play Call of Duty 3 together!

But what if someone sees you playing Call of Duty 3 and gets angry because they don’t think it’s healthy for kids? Don’t worry about them. They probably haven’t even played the game themselves and they just want to make sure that everyone else doesn’t have fun either (don’t worry; we all have those people in our lives). So just keep doing what makes YOU happy!

Because those are totally real guns, why wouldn’t they be?

You’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of guns in Call of Duty 3. It’s hard to talk about the game without mentioning them, and even more difficult to describe what they’re like without using words like “realistic,” “authentic,” or “guns.” To be honest, I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want their video game weapons to feel as real as possible. I mean, they’re called guns for a reason—they shoot stuff, right? And if you were going to shoot something, would you rather use a fake gun or an actual one?

So when you’re playing Call of Duty 3 and taking cover behind walls or shooting enemies with your weapon (which we’ll get into later), remember that these are all real guns! That should help keep your attention on what matters: shooting stuff with realistic weapons while hiding behind real walls made out of wood and brick instead of plastic bricks (which would presumably not stop bullets).

Because no one else is playing online tonight and there’s basically nothing else to do.

There are many ways you can play Call of Duty: 3 online. You can play with your friends, you can play with strangers, or even just sit down and enjoy the game’s single player campaign without anyone else around. It’s also a good idea to think about what kind of mood you’re in when playing this game as it might affect how much fun and success you have during the experience. For example:

  • If someone is angry at me for some reason (like if I’m trying to watch TV without them), then I’ll probably want to be alone instead of forced into an interaction where I feel like we’re both just sitting there silently staring at each other waiting for something interesting to happen between us so our silence doesn’t seem as awkward anymore;
  • If my girlfriend is mad at me because she feels like I’m always busy playing video games while she wants attention from me rather than spending time together doing fun activities together like going out into town or taking walks through nature;
  • Or maybe my mom forgot her anniversary again so now we’re both upset but don’t know how else handle the situation except by screaming back-and-forth across each other until things finally settle down enough where one person gives up their position first (usually meaning whoever cries first).

Because if you don’t play all night, you’ll forget what happened in the story mode and spoil it for yourself.

  • You don’t want to forget what happened in the story mode.
  • You don’t want to miss out on any of the gameplay.
  • You don’t want to miss out on any of the weapons or characters.


I hope this list has helped you to determine that staying in and playing Call of Duty is the best decision! It’s definitely the better one.

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