How To Make Money On y8


y8 is a website that allows you to play games and make money. Y8 is a website for games, which can be multiplayer or single player. You can also gain money by playing these games and this article will explain how to do so.

What Is Y8?

Y8 is a website where you can play games, and make money in the process.

The way this works is that you choose a game, which has articles written about it on Y8. You then read through these articles and click on some of the ads that are shown to you while they’re loading. This is how they make money off of each user’s visit to their site. When someone else visits the site later, they also see those same ads because we’re still logged into our account (which means we don’t have to click on them again). And then that person clicks on one of those same ads too! So basically, it’s like a pyramid scheme…except without the scamming part 😛

What Kinds Of Games Can You Play On Y8?

Y8 is a website that contains many different types of games. There are games like farmville, candy crush and angry birds with many more. So there is something for everyone to play on y8.

How To Make Money On The Website Game Y8

  • Play games on Y8
  • Earn Y8 Coins and Gems
  • Buy Y8 Coins and Gems
  • Use Y8 Coins and Gems to buy items from the shop or sell your own items.

Y8 is an amazing website to play with.

You can make money on Y8. You just need to know the right strategies, and you’ll be making good money in no time at all.


This website is a great way for people to make some extra money. I think this is something that everyone should try at least once. It’s especially fun if you already like playing games and want to earn some cash while doing so!

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