Why Your TV Sucks


I’m a huge movie and TV buff, but I’m also really into saving money. After all, if you put away even just $100 a month over the course of your working life, you can retire with well over a million dollars. That’s why I was thrilled to discover that there are ways to save money on my entertainment while still enjoying the things that I love. In this blog, we’ll explore how using garticphone (a service that provides unlimited phone usage) can help you save money without having to give up watching your favorite shows or movies.

Your TV is too big.

Your TV is too big.

  • Big TVs are great if you want to watch sports and movies in your living room, but who does that? All that space is a waste of resources and energy, which costs you money. But what about the reason that people buy big TVs? If all they want to do is watch, why not just use their phone or computer like a normal person? It’s not the size of the screen—it’s how you use it! Most people don’t need a TV over 60 inches because they have other devices at home or work where they can watch programming like Netflix or Hulu Plus. And even if we pretend there was some benefit to having such a large television, isn’t watching content on an iPad better than waiting for your pixelated signal to buffer again?

Your TV is too small.

Your TV is too small.

It’s a fact. Your TV is not big enough, and you are missing out on all the best content that way.

What if I told you that there was something called Garticphone (a service that provides unlimited phone usage) with which, for just $99/month, could turn your phone into a giant screen that could play everything from videos to games?

You don’t have a TV.

You can still watch TV. If you don’t have a TV service and no cable, you might wonder how on earth people watch the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory without having a set-top box or cable subscription.

But the technology is here! You can now use an antenna to get access to free broadcast television (just like what your grandparents had). It’s called over-the-air (OTA) TV because it goes “over” the airwaves.

Garticphone is the solution!

If you’re looking for a way to eliminate the frustration and anger of your current phone service provider, look no further than Garticphone.

This amazing service provides unlimited phone usage for Android and iOS devices (and PCs/Macs), and it’s available on tablets as well!


Remember, garticphone will help you get more TV shows for free because it works with your existing provider. We don’t want to replace them, just give you the best services possible. Just like TVPlus and HuluPlus do. If you have questions about how these things work together or why they’re so great, check out our FAQ section or send us an email at service@garticphone.com!

All in all though, if you are looking for a way to watch more TV without paying extra money then there’s no better option than garticphone!

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