Which friday night game are you?


Ever been at a loss for what to do on Friday night? Take this quiz to help you figure out which activity is right for you!

Question 1 of 5

  • Which friday night game are you?
  • Morning or Afternoon
  • Evening or Night
  • Midnight (or maybe early morning)
  • You can choose more than one if that’s how you roll, but please let me know so I can update the results!

What is your favorite time of day?

  • Morning: Wake up early, head to the gym and then enjoy some time with your family.
  • Afternoon: Go for a walk around the neighborhood or spend an afternoon at the beach.
  • Evening: Spend a night out on the town with friends, go to dinner and catch a movie.
  • Night: Get home after work and relax by watching TV or reading a book before going to sleep


Morning is the best time of day. There’s no better way to get your day started than by waking up early, drinking a hot cup of coffee, and getting some work done. You can’t beat waking up early to the sounds of birds chirping or even just opening your eyes and seeing that there’s still dark outside—it’s so peaceful! Morning is also great for starting new endeavors: if you want to start writing a blog post about this very topic, for instance, then you should do it at 8 AM sharp when everyone else is still sleeping off their hangovers from last night’s parties.

Some people might say that morning isn’t all it’s cracked up to be—that there are plenty of things better than sleeping in until 10 AM on weekends while other people are already out working hard at their jobs. But those people would be wrong; they’re not as cool as we are!


So, you know what time of day it is. You didn’t have to guess.

You’re a pro at this game.


  • You like to go out at night.
  • You like to party.
  • You are not a morning person.
  • You are not a night owl.
  • You like to have a few drinks with friends.
  • You like to go to clubs/bars/pubs (or whatever the cool kids are calling them these days).


Night is the best time to party, especially if you love a good rave. Night is also the perfect time to sleep, so long as you’re comfortable lying on the ground and you don’t mind having a blanket. If you want to see stars, night’s your best bet – but not all that many people appreciate it because there are so many clouds in the way!

As I mentioned before: night is great for stargazing, or watching movies about stargazing (like Stargate). You can do this outside by yourself or with friends; no one will stop you from doing it if they live far away!


You love to stay up late, and you’re no stranger to a party. You’re the first one on the dance floor, and at 3AM with all your friends still out in full force you’re still going strong. You drink with abandon, party until dawn and love being around people—in fact, it’s probably best if you keep some distance between yourself and anyone who doesn’t like spending time out of their house. Being social is a key requirement for this lifestyle choice; if they don’t have friends or family who come out on Friday nights then they should not be choosing midnight as their preferred friday night activity!

If this sounds like fun then maybe midnight is your friday night game!


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