Trophy Guide: Red Faction Battlegrounds

On the battlefield there can be tons of trials and challenges to overcome. When it comes to a party game these challenges can become quite monstrous! However, if you read these tips, you too can become a “Serial Killer.”


General Tips

Battlegrounds is a rather straightforward game. Most of the mechanics are like Mario Kart. You will randomly have chances to obtain weapons/perks/life, and these random events will cause you to have an edge or great disadvantage. I strongly suggest you complete training before going online, as this will help you in many ways.




Welcome to the Faction

Gain your first rank.

Since you level up very fast in training, getting a gold star should be more than enough. Even if you lose online, you will gain experience, so it’s not a big deal.


Helping Hands

Complete your First Local Multiplayer Game.

Plug in another controller and set the game to shortest. You will gain nothing from playing this; so do not take it too seriously.


Taste of Victory

Win an online game.

If you are having problems, either find a friend who’s willing to lose, or do team death match with 2 vs.1.


The Black Hole

Kill All Other Players With The Singularity Bomb in a 4 Player Online Game.

This can ONLY be done with three non-duplicate* players online. The following steps will help you get it.

  • Tips:
    • Make a team death match with the following settings:
      • Map: Particle Cannon 7
      • Game Length: Long
      • Damage: Very Low
      • All Pickups: Many
    • This is one of the smallest maps, and it gave me the most luck with Singularity Bomb appearances.
    • Play though the game normally till you obtain one. Once you obtain the bomb, avoid enemies till your partner is getting killed by both of them. Rush over and set off the bomb. This should cause all 3 to get sucked up and die.


Total Carnage

Kill 5 Opponents in a Row Without Dying in an Online Multiplayer Game.

This is one of the hardest trophies by far. To do it, you must kill 5 non-duplicate* enemies in a row without dying. I found this is easiest to do in a Team Death match. Ideally you will be going 2 vs.1, if not, just avoid fire. The key to pulling this off is dumb players, good skills, or lucky drops. I strongly suggest you avoid conflict and try to use the environment. If you’re having problems pulling this off, find a friend who will let you kill them for the trophy.


Scrap Metal

Get a quad kill in the Training Missions.

This should happen naturally if you are going for all gold. If it does not, play a later mission like Hothouse (Level 15). Around the three-minute mark, a Singularity Bomb should appear. Pick it up and place it in the center of the level. Just keep driving around until all your enemies are bunched together. Once this happens, drive past the bomb. Once they are in range, set it off. This should result in a quad kill.


The Running Man

Earn Gold Star in a Survival Training Mission Without Using Any Weapon.

This means nothing at all.  Unfortunately, this sounds far easier than it is, so just follow the steps below, and with some luck you will get it.

  • Tips:
    • Start a training mission on “Standoff” (Level 3)
    • Before the level starts, push select to change your firing type. (It will now be R2; remember to change it back after.)
    • Start the level by going to the bottom right; this should save you from the first guy.
    • Just keep zipping around; I used the middle, as it just confused him. Shortly after, another guy will spawn. This person will just follow the other.
    • Once you hit bronze (1:40), another enemy will spawn. This one will try to cut you off, so try to play smart. I would avoid using the middle at this point.
    • If you are still kicking, another will spawn upon hitting Silver (2:40). Keep up the same tactic, as this is where it gets hard. Try to avoid them at all costs! If you do this correctly, you should hit gold and are free to die. If you died, try to learn from your mistake and try again.


The Skills to Pay the Bills

Unlock All of the Training Missions.

This requires you to complete most of them. As long as you keep getting bronze or better, it will unlock. For additional help, see “Take That, Winters.



Get a Gold Badge in 5 Player Awards.

While playing online, you will have various side tasks to complete. Thankfully, these are very broad and easy for anyone. Obtaining five gold will take a while, but requires no skill. The tasks are as follows.

  • Tasks for this trophy:
    • Death match Play Time
    • Team Death match Play Time
    • King of the Hill Play Time
    • Flag Frenzy Play Time
    • Capture the Flag Play Time
    • Number of Tank Kills
    • Number of Walker Kills
    • Number of Light Vehicle Kills
    • Number of Kills
    • Number of Secondary Weapon Kills
    • Number of Assists
    • Number of Flags Captured
    • Time Spent as King of the Hill
    • Number of King Kills
    • Number of Flag Carrier Kills
    • Number of Games Played

Please note that you must earn Bronze and Silver prior to earning Gold. Also keep in mind that duplicate* players don’t seem to count.


Take That, Winters

Gain a Gold Star in All Training Missions.

Every mission requires unique skills and some luck. Keep in mind that the levels are preprogramed! This means that anything that happens will happen like that every time.

Tips for each mode:

Speed Trial

Try to keep on the path the game shows you; most times the objective are easier to get to that way. Also keep in mind that later levels spawn enemies, too. Just ignore them! This will sadly come down to how skillful you’re.

Shooting Range

These missions are all about blowing up purple targets. These will, like everything else, appear in the same spot every time. I strongly suggest shortcuts, such as finding a good spot to hit several without moving. This will save you time if you are a good shot. Also, try to use your environment to your advantage! This can save you a LOT of time.


There are sadly no great secrets here. I strongly suggest you find a spot where you cannot instantly die and hold it down. Constantly try to use items to your advantage. If you are unsure what an item does, look at the item section below.


You will be expected to kill off several waves of enemies. These are fairly simple, and require good planning. Try to use land mines to your advantage! Also remember that you can die without failing. If you think you are going to die, advance on the enemy. Most times you will take him down with you. The only other tip is to use environments to your advantage. Several enemies can be blown up at once if you plan it right.


The following are all the items you will find in game and what they do.

-Blue Orb: Regenerates the level to its original state. These can be helpful as you can blow up environments again.

-Shield: These will prevent you from taking any damage; however a Singularity Bomb can still kill you.

-Land Mines: You can toss down around 6 at a time. These will give you credit, and remain after you die. They are an auto kill in training, but only do serious damage online.

-Remote Bombs: You can elect to drop bombs and setting them when you so choose. Keep in mind setting one off sets them all off.

-Singularity Bomb: These will create black holes, and kill anything near it. This is the most powerful item in the game! If you are about to die remember that they automatically go off when you die. Since you will lose it anyways, it is a good screw you to your killer.

-Repair: Heals you


Going Up in the World

Get to Rank 10.

This will happen naturally; the quickest method  is to get gold on every training mission. If you complete that task you will hit level 12.


Faction Leader

Get to Rank 20.

This is all about time and effort. Remember that duplicate* enemies are not that helpful here. Try to focus on awards as they help the most. Past that there is no quick-fix solution.


* A duplicate character happens when you load up online multiplayer. You will be given the option to have friends join you. For every friend that joins you, their name will be your PSN ID, then either a (1) or (2). The lesser exp might be a glitch, and could be fixed later on. Most likely it was added so people can’t boost the online easily.

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