The Best FPS Games for Better Training


First-Person Shooters (FPS) are some of the most popular games in the world. These titles helped popularize competitive esports and have amassed huge following, eventually growing into its own unique culture. Who would have thought that a simple genre built around guns would turn into such a massive global phenomenon?

Most FPS games are known for their competitive nature. But did you know that these titles can actually help you hone both your tactical and collaborative skills? In this article, I’ll explore how FPS games use communication and teamwork to deliver more enjoyable experiences compared to other genres. Learn more about the best titles in this genre that help train for better teamwork and collaboration!

Recoil Training: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO is a fast-paced FPS game. It is one of the best FPS games to practice recoil control. It also makes you think about your team and how to communicate with them. You can play CS:GO in a competitive mode, or you can play it casually with your friends.

Teamwork and Role-Based Play in Overwatch

Overwatch is a team-based FPS with a focus on objective-oriented gameplay. The game features two teams of six, each with their own roles that must work together to achieve victory in each match. The game also features a diverse cast of characters who all have unique weapons and abilities that make them fit into different roles. From offensive to defensive, healers to tanks, there are multiple ways you can play Overwatch depending on your character choice as well as your teammates’ choices, which leads us nicely into our next point:

Battlefield 1’s Competitive Feel

Battlefield 1’s Competitive Feel

Battlefield 1 is a first person shooter game, set during World War I. The gameplay is fast paced and competitive, with many different modes to choose from such as conquest (capture flags), rush (defeat all enemies in the base) and team deathmatch (kill enemy players). There are many different classes to choose from including Assault, Medic, Support and Scout. These classes all have unique weapons that are best suited for their use – for example an assault class will use powerful rifles while a medic uses pistols or shotguns for close range combat.

Intuitive Aiming in Doom 2016

The most important thing in first-person shooters, after aiming and firing, is the movement. The game’s movement controls are very intuitive. You can move around fast and precisely with no effort at all! And it’s not just fast and precise – it’s also very responsive, smooth and accurate. This means that you’ll never feel like you’re fighting against your own movements when playing Doom 2016.

Building Communication Skills in Rainbow Six Siege

In Rainbow Six Siege, there are several ways to communicate with your teammates. Voice chat is the most common form of communication and probably the most important one. In case you don’t have a microphone or don’t feel like using it, text chat can be used as well.

  • Voice chat: You can use voice chat during matches by pressing the “X” button on your controller or keyboard. Everyone in the match will hear what you say so make sure not to use offensive words while playing online games!
  • Text Chat: If you want to talk with your teammates but still want them to hear what’s going on, then this option is for you! In order to use text chat in Rainbow Six Siege all players need an internet connection (cellular data). The best thing about using this feature is that it allows players from different regions around the world connect together without having any language barrier issues whatsoever

Conquering New Difficulty Levels in Quake Champions

Quake Champions is a fast-paced, skill-based multiplayer shooter. The game has a variety of game modes and maps that allow you to play different roles. It also features an extensive list of weapons, equipment and abilities to choose from, which means that you can customize your character in countless ways.

One of the things I like the most about Quake Champions is how challenging it can be at times! This may sound strange coming from me since I prefer playing with bots (and not against other human players). However, even though the bots are not that good at aiming or dodging shots (compared to real humans), they still make good opponents when playing solo matches on certain maps or game modes such as Team Deathmatch or Sacrifice Arena mode.

If you want to improve your shooting skills while having fun at the same time then this is definitely something worth checking out!

First Person Shooters can help train for better teamwork and collaboration.

FPS games are a great way to train your team. They can help build teamwork and communication, as well as skills in the game itself. FPS games are also great for building confidence and mental toughness—the kind of determination that makes players want to stick with their mission even when things get tough.

In fact, we at Quantic Foundry have found that many of our clients have used FPS games as part of their employee training programs because they’re so effective at developing these skills!


We hope that we’ve convinced you of the benefits of using FPS games as training tools. We believe it’s important to have fun while working, and what better way than by going head-to-head with your teammates in some epic shooter matchups? If you’re still on the fence about what types of team training works best for your organization or team members, take a look at our article about how Office Olympics can help boost teamwork skills too!

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