Online games are great! They are not only fun, they also can keep us mentally engaged and even improve our skills in certain areas. Especially puzzle and adventure based games help with that, so here’s a list of our favourite online browser games.


Welcome to our list of favourite online browser games! Not only are these fun games, they can also keep us mentally engaged and even improve our skills in certain areas. Especially puzzle and adventure based games help with that, so here’s a list of our favourite online browser games.

Shadow Hunters

Shadow Hunters

Shadow Hunters is a top-down action shooter. It is a game with a lot of challenges and quests. The game has many weapons and upgrades, as well as levels, achievements and more. The objective of the game is to kill monsters before they kill you!


Spelltower is a word puzzle game that’s similar to Bejeweled or Bookworm. You have to spell words to remove them from the board. The longer the word, the more points you get. Spelltower is available on Android, iOS, and Steam (PC). The game has over 200 levels of increasing difficulty and will keep you entertained for hours!

Spelltower is great for all ages because it relies heavily on knowledge of vocabulary rather than faster reflexes or dexterity. The puzzles are challenging enough even for adults who love playing games but not so difficult that children can’t compete with their parents if they want to!


Portal is a puzzle-based game where you have to solve puzzles by using a portal gun.

The main objective of the game is to get from point A to point B in each level, using all kinds of objects and ideas that come up along the way.

It’s a very fun game with great graphics, but also has some educational value as it encourages player creativity and problem solving skills! It also has an interesting storyline and takes place in a fictional science fiction setting so if you’re into sci-fi this will be right up your alley!

Waking Mars

Waking Mars is a game with many puzzles and platforming elements. You play as astronaut Mark Watney, who has been sent to Mars to explore the planet in search of life on the red planet, but when he arrives at his destination he finds out that there’s more than meets the eye.

You are able to explore the world, solve puzzles and help with research efforts on Mars. There are many different types of gameplay in this game, so it will keep you busy for a long time!


Outerwilds is a space exploration game in which you can explore the galaxy and find new planets. There are many different types of planets, each with their own unique features. You can explore the planets to find resources, which will help you upgrade your ship and make it more efficient.

Letters from Nowhere

The Letters from Nowhere is a point-and-click adventure game that takes place on a mysterious island. You play as Evelyn, who returns home after being away for six years to find her father missing, her mother sick and strange messages written on the walls of their house. Your job is to unravel this mystery while avoiding death at the hands of some very angry ghosts! Overall, it’s an easy game but fun nonetheless.

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die (7DTD) is an online survival game that’s still in development. It is a sandbox game, which means that you can do whatever you want and explore the world around you. The focus of the game is on survival and crafting, so if you like to build stuff then this might be the right game for you! 7DTD has several modes: singleplayer, coop or multiplayer with friends or strangers.

The main goal of 7DTD is to survive as long as possible by gathering resources, building bases and fighting zombies who will attack your fortifications from time to time. There are currently two maps available: one set in Colorado and another set in Arizona where players will find new biomes like snowy mountains or desert valleys between small towns where they can gather supplies needed for their survival adventures!

Our most favourite online games

Here are our favourites!

Shadow Hunters is a space-themed puzzle game in which players must match cards of the same colour, while avoiding matching bad guys. It’s got over 30 levels and is set to become even more complex as time goes on.

  • Spelltower is a word game where you have to clear the board by making words from falling letters, with new letters added after each move. There are over 1,000 levels available with more added daily!
  • Portal has become somewhat of an industry standard for puzzle games and rightly so: it’s smartly designed and extremely fun to play! The goal is simple: get from point A to point B using portals (portals!). You can also play with friends if you want some extra challenge or just want someone else around so you don’t feel alone (we know what that feels like).
  • Waking Mars lets players explore Martian landscapes as they try to uncover its secrets; find out what happened at Biosphere 2? Or perhaps why there were two different species that looked almost identical but had no relation? It’ll take some time before we know everything about this little planet – but who knows how long it’ll take until we learn something new about Earth…


We hope that you enjoyed our list and try one of the games from it.

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