Make Inexpensive Holiday Gifts Easy With Office Supplies


Welcome to the world of DIY gifting with office supplies! We’re glad you’re here. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll show you the basics of creating inexpensive gifts that are both beautiful and useful. We’ll explain how to use office supplies as the foundation of your next holiday gift, how to plan ahead for gifting success, and everything else you need to know to get started with this hobby. So sit back and get comfortable! We’re about to demystify the fun and exciting world of easy gift-giving with a simple trip to your local office supply store.

Use What You Have

The secret to creating inexpensive holiday gifts with office supplies is simple: use what you have. Take a look around your desk and find an old stapler, some leftover paper, or even some binder clips. You might be surprised by the variety of items that can be used as homemade holiday gifts.

If you want to give a gift that’s both special and memorable, try making a new year’s resolution journal with your favorite office supplies. You can create this gift in minutes by combining colorful paper with fun stickers and ribbon. Let the recipient fill it out over time for an end-of-the-year surprise!

Or if you’re looking for thoughtful ways to say thank you or happy birthday without breaking the bank, then consider making envelope bookmarks from scratch using basic office supplies like colored construction paper and glue sticks (or just plain paper). This type of handmade gift will show how much thought went into it—and recipients will appreciate having something so unique on their bookshelf!

Make a Plan and a Timeline

  • Make a list of people you want to give gifts to.
  • Think about the type of gifts you want to give.
  • Make a timeline for when you want to make the gifts.
  • Choose a time when you have the most free time and can concentrate on making your gift, rather than rushing through it because there’s lots of other things happening at once (like work). This is important because crafting can be very relaxing, but if it gets rushed through then it won’t be as good as it could have been.

Celebrate With Paper

Paper is a great gift idea for the holidays. It is inexpensive and easy to make, but can still be reused for other celebrations.

Brighten Your Home With Ribbons

Ribbons are a great way to decorate for the holidays. They can be used in many ways, and they’re easy to find! You can use them to wrap gifts or hang them on your tree.

For example: Let’s say you have a boring lamp shade that you want to spruce up for Christmas. Instead of buying a new lamp shade, try wrapping some red ribbon around it! It will look amazing when you take it off later in January, but it won’t leave any permanent damage on the lamp shade itself (like glue would).

On top of that, ribbons are inexpensive and easy to find at most stores during this time of year! I found mine at Target for less than $5 per roll.

Organize Your Office With Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are an inexpensive, easy way to organize office supplies and home items. These storage containers can be used in a variety of ways, including to store and organize paper clips, pens, highlighters and other office supplies. You can even use them as a place to keep your mail or keys at the front door!

Plastic bins are also great for organizing your home. Try using plastic bins in bedrooms or bathrooms to store linens or toiletries on shelves. If you want to get really fancy: buy some smaller plastic boxes with lids (like Pringles cans) and keep loose change in them!

Using inexpensive office supplies to create gifts is not only easy, but it also creates a special feeling for the recipient.

Using inexpensive office supplies to create gifts is not only easy, but it also creates a special feeling for the recipient. The office supply store is one of the best places to find all sorts of inexpensive materials that can be used for gift-giving. You can buy almost anything there – from pens and pencils to paper clips and tape.

It’s important to note that there are many types of office supplies out there, so it’s important that you know what each one does before deciding whether or not you should purchase it. For example, if your friend likes computers then maybe an LCD monitor would be better than an LCD screen protector (or vice versa).

Another great thing about using these items as gifts is that they’re so easy to find! Many stores carry them now including Staples Office Depot Office Max etcetera…


Your next holiday shopping trip is going to be so much easier, thanks to all the tips we shared today! If you’re still unsure where to start, don’t delay. The holiday season is almost over and now’s the perfect time to get out there and start taking care of your loved ones this year with gifts that will last a lifetime.

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