bloon td 6


bloons td 6 came out a couple of months ago, and i just want to share my thoughts on it.

the newest bloon td 6 is finally out!

Bloon TD 6 is a tower defense game and the most popular game made by Ninja Kiwi, which is available on Steam, mobile, and browser. The newest Bloon TD 6 was released on July 9th 2019!

the gameplay has improved but the graphics are pretty much the same.

The first thing you notice about Bloon TD 6 is how the gameplay has improved. The towers are more responsive, and there’s no lag or delayed actions on your part. You can also see what your opponent is doing better because they’re not moving so fast that they disappear off screen. It seems like they’ve made improvements to the graphics, but I’m not sure if that’s true or just my imagination. In any case, there have been no major changes to them; they’re still colorful and bright, but nothing new has been added in this version of Bloons TD 6 compared to previous ones (except for some extra animations).

my favorite new ability is the banana peel, it’s fun to use.

My favorite new ability is the Banana Peel, which lets you drop a banana to slow down bloons. The banana peel can be used on any type of bloon and does not require any special darts to be equipped. It also has a cooldown time after use, so if you want to use it again, you will have to wait longer than normal for a recharge time.

i also like how their are new maps and towers.

I also like how their are new maps and towers. The maps are fun because they have different layouts and all the new towers are great as well. It’s nice to see that there are more map types, but also more towers to use than in bloons td 5, which I think is a good change from the old game.

lets all thank ninja kiwi for making this game happen!

Ninja Kiwi is always making great games and they are always working hard to make sure that their customers are happy. They also have a very interesting business model, where they do not charge any money for using their products. Instead of charging money for playing the game, you get to choose what you want to do in-game. If you want all upgrades or bloons td 6 items, then Ninja Kiwi will add them into your account automatically once you’ve reached a certain point in the game or completed some missions that require a certain amount of revenue from advertising sales (which pays for everything).

Ninja Kiwi has done an amazing job with their games! If anyone wants some advice about starting up their own company then I would definitely recommend them as an example because of how successful they’ve been so far!

bloon td 6 is a great game, you should check it out if you haven’t yet!

Bloon td 6 is a great game, you should check it out if you haven’t yet!

  • It’s fun and addictive
  • Challenging
  • Good for all ages
  • Great for passing time (especially if you’re just waiting around)
  • Great for all skill levels (from beginner to expert)


I hope you all enjoyed my blog post about bloons td 6! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’m always willing to help! And if you haven’t checked out the game yet, what are you waiting for? It’s so much fun!

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