I Spent The Entire Week At An Arcade


I’m a big arcade game aficionado, so when I heard about the new arcade in town (in my case, the “new” arcade is one I’ve been going to for twenty years), I made it my goal to spend a week there. The only rule was that I had to play at the arcade all day long, every single day of the week. This was easier said than done—I didn’t realize how difficult it would be! But after a week of this, I can say with confidence that arcades are more than just places for loud noises and flashing lights. They’re entire worlds with their own unique rules, quirks, and people who inhabit them; and once you get used to them it’s as if you never left. So here’s what I learned from spending an entire week living in an arcade:

Monday: What a way to start the week.

In the first day of the week, I do not feel like doing anything. The only thing I want to do is stay in bed and sleep. On Monday, you might be thinking that this is a great time to get some work done or just relax with your family and friends but you are wrong because nothing will happen that day unless you make it happen.

I know what you are thinking: “What can we expect from this week?” The answer is simple: nothing good!

On Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling groggy as usual because Mondays always start off bad for me. Instead of going straight back to bed after waking up, I decided to check out what was happening at home by looking outside my window with no intention of leaving anytime soon because it was still dark outside (which meant there wasn’t much going on). When I looked down on the ground below, there seemed no activity whatsoever at all except for one teenager getting ready for school (he was wearing his backpack) who walked past our house before heading over towards an ice cream store across us where he waited patiently until someone appeared behind him (it

Tuesday: Time to get some wins.

Games are meant to be fun. They’re meant to be played, enjoyed and won. They’re supposed to be lost sometimes too, but that’s not the main point here. The main point is that games are meant for players, who will play the game with friends or family members.

Wednesday: Everyone’s here for the same thing.

Wednesday: Everyone’s here for the same thing.

You may have noticed that I’ve been single for a while, which means I’m not doing a lot of socializing. The arcade provides a great opportunity to meet new people in an environment that feels safe, fun and relaxed. It’s also one of the only workplaces where everyone is there to do something fun and nothing else (not even work).

The atmosphere is casual and relaxed—almost like a bar with laser tag or mini golf thrown into the mix. You can strike up conversations with whomever you choose and get to know one another without worrying about it becoming awkward or uncomfortable later on because someone forgot your name at some point during the interaction (which happens often when meeting new people).

There were several instances where I saw groups of people playing together who didn’t look like they knew each other very well before they started gaming together; after an hour or two though, they were laughing together like best friends would normally do under these circumstances. There was even one instance where two guys were playing together but then decided that whoever lost would have to buy drinks afterward…and neither one wanted to lose so they played until one person did indeed lose!

Thursday: Ice Cream and Gaming

Thursday: Ice Cream and Gaming

Today, we’re going to visit a place that has everything you could possibly want in one location. There are games to play, people to meet and ice cream for dessert! It’s like having a party at home without all the hassle.

Friday: They’re not as serious as they look.

The arcade is a place where people go to have fun. It’s a place where people go to play games, socialize with friends, meet new people and make new friends. Some may even be there to win prizes. This is an environment that encourages having a good time and enjoying yourself while you’re at it.

But if you’re not familiar with arcades or gaming centers then you might think it’s a very serious place; full of intense gamers who are only there because they want to win prizes or be the best at whatever game they’re playing (or maybe even just because they think their parents will pay for them). But really, being in an arcade is like being at home watching TV on a Saturday morning: sure some people might be focused on winning but others are just there for the experience!

Saturday: Early Bird Specials.

After a long day of work, you’re probably ready to relax. This is where the early bird specials come in. Each arcade has one day where they offer discounts on certain games and drinks if you show up before 6pm. You can get a game that’s normally $5 for $3 or $2 if it’s during the early bird special. The only downside is that these deals are only available during certain days so make sure to check their schedule before heading out!

But why should you go? Well, aside from saving some money, it’s just a good way to start off your weekend or end your week with some fun with friends and family (or alone). You can also play something new that you haven’t tried yet or maybe revisit one of your favorites from childhood!

Sunday: Closing time and classic games.

It was time to head back home. As I was walking towards the exit, I saw a friend from high school and we decided to challenge each other in Super Mario Bros. We played for about 20 minutes before moving on to the next game: Donkey Kong Junior.

After challenging my friend in a few more games, it was finally time for me to leave! As I walked out of the arcade I felt heartbroken that this experience was ending but also excited at all the memories made throughout this week. It’s safe to say that my first arcade experience has been one of my favorite experiences as a millennial thus far!

An arcade is more than just a place to play games.

An Arcade is more than just a place to play games. It’s a place where you can meet friends, hang out with friends and even make new ones. It’s also a great place to get exercise and have fun while doing so. You can play games or just watch other people play them if that’s your thing. There are places that sell food and drinks as well; this will help you stay hydrated while getting some exercise in!


I mean, it’s not everyday you get to spend a whole week at an arcade, playing all the best games. I’m definitely gonna be back—and if you love gaming, then I know you will too!

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