How to Win at Bloons TD 6


I’ve been into Bloons TD 6 for a while now and I’m here to share with you the strategies that have helped me get far in the game. It’s super fun and entertaining, but if you want to be able to conquer every single track there are some things you need to keep in mind. These will give you a good start to winning and getting further in the game than what would normally happen.


Towers are the most important part of Bloons TD 6. They can be used for offense and defense, but you must use them correctly to have a successful game. Towers can defend your monkey city from bloons, defend towers from bloons, and even defend themselves!

To use them effectively, it’s important that you know which tower works best where. In general:

  • Dart monkeys work better on grassy areas than ice or water terrain because they don’t slow down when moving across those terrains. However, darts can shoot through glass so keep this in mind if you have glass around your base!
  • Spike-O-Pult is best used on ice terrain because it doesn’t slow down when moving across ice (like dart monkeys). It also shoots spikes up instead of forward like the dart monkey so it’s generally easier to hit targets off-screen with this one too!
  • Ice Tower is good at freezing bloons before they enter into your base; however it’s usually not worth building unless there are already other towers nearby because they’re weak against anything other than reds (and even then only if all other defenses are destroyed). These should also never be placed right next to each other since this makes them vulnerable to rockets which destroy all their health instantly!


Rounds are the most important thing in Bloons TD 6. You want to complete rounds as quickly as possible. The longer it takes you to complete a round, the more balloons you will have to deal with in later rounds.

You also want to try and complete rounds with as few towers as possible. Having too many towers on a map can be detrimental because they will be harder for your monkeys and balloons to get around.

In addition, you should try completing each level with as few monkeys and balloons as possible (the less of each that dies in a round means less bloons popping up in later levels). You don’t want to run out of either resource because then it will be harder for your defenses to keep up with all of the incoming pop-up bloons from popping off of popped balloons from killed monkeys or other explosions happening around them (like bombs going off near them).


Heroes are a big part of the game, and they’re really helpful when you’re in trouble. They can be upgraded and used to attack, defend, or heal your monkey team. If you have enough money to spend on them (which you should), make sure to get them as soon as possible.

When attacking with your heroes, make sure that there’s nothing blocking their path: if something blocks their path then they won’t attack anything! Also keep an eye on how many hits each hero has left before they die; if all of your heroes die then it’s game over!

When playing against an enemy player online (or “bloons td 6 multiplayer”), sometimes they will use their hero abilities while attacking—this is called “hero rushing”. This strategy can be very effective at killing off your monkeys quickly—so watch out!

Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue. If you want to win at Bloons TD 6, you’re going to have to be patient. Patience is an important ingredient in winning games and is one of the most important skills anyone can develop. It’s also the ability to wait for something or someone, especially when you’re in a rush or if there’s pressure on you from work or school deadlines that are near. Patience is a key ingredient for success because if you don’t have it, then your chances of succeeding go down by 25%.

That being said, patience isn’t just about waiting; it’s also about not doing anything until the right moment comes along so that everything clicks perfectly into place without any effort at all on your part! This means that even though patience is technically considered an art form because every time someone uses their own personal style (which could differ greatly depending on how much experience they’ve had), it still requires good timing and understanding ahead of time in order for everything else around them including themselves not only feel comfortable but actually enjoy what they’re doing too!

This blog will give you a good start to winning at Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is a fun and challenging game that many enjoy playing. If you want to learn how to win at Bloons TD 6, this blog will give you a good start to winning at Bloons TD 6.

In order to win at Bloons TD 6, players need some strategies and tips. The following are some of the best strategies and tips for winning at Bloons TD 6:

  • Use your money wisely by buying the right upgrades early on in the game, such as pop-up dart towers and freeze monkeys (so they can slow down bloon movement).
  • Use your tower purchases strategically; if there are no moab monkeys on screen when a tower goes off cooldown, don’t spend it unless needed for survival or defense purposes!


Hopefully, you will be able to use this information in the future and win your next game of Bloons TD 6. If you need more tips, there are resources on the web that can help you out. Good luck!

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