How To Play Pubg Mobile Quick Tips


PUGB Mobile is the hottest game out there right now. We put together a bunch of quick tips on how to get better at this game and make it easy to learn. A lot of people have been asking for information on how to play Pubg Mobile, so we put together a blog post that will help you understand the basics of what you need to know about getting started with PUBG Mobile.

Aim for the head

Aim for the head. The headshot is a great way to take out enemies quickly and efficiently. While aiming for the body can be effective, landing a shot on their head will cause them to flinch momentarily and give you time to reload or create distance between you and them. Land enough shots and you might even come away with an instant kill!

Play with friends

Playing with friends is a great way to improve your skills in Pubg Mobile. You get to practice your aim and learn from the experience of other players, who can help you figure out what works best for different situations. You’ll also be able to keep track of where everyone is on the map, so that if someone needs help or has been killed by an enemy player, you can go find them and help them out.

Play solo

If you are a beginner, you should play solo.

  • Play solo to get better at the game and learn it faster than if you were playing with others.
  • Play solo because this is the easiest way for new players to learn how pubg mobile works.

Be aware of your zone

  • Know where you are. If you’re lucky enough to win a round, it can be easy to forget about where you are on the map. But if you don’t know where the safe zone and danger zones are, then it’s going to be hard for you when trying to get out of there quickly. The same goes with knowing where the blue and red zones are as well.
  • Learn how your teammates play. If they’re good at sniping or shooting people from far away, ask them if they want to do that during an intense firefight or not because most likely everyone else will just run away because they don’t want any part of those shots coming their way! This will help keep everyone together so they can take down more enemies together than if everyone split up into different directions trying something new every time!

Save your shots

  • Don’t waste shots on enemies that are far away.
  • Don’t waste shots on enemies that are behind cover.
  • Don’t waste shots on enemies that are running away from you or moving too quickly to be an easy target (i.e., cars).
  • Do not shoot at targets that are too close and could end up hitting your character, like a wall or car windshield in the case of a vehicle collision (you can damage yourself by shooting at something too close to your character).

Throw away bad loot

You should always throw away bad loot.

When you get a piece of loot, you’ll need to decide whether or not to keep it. Some items can be useful, but others are just useless junk. There are several things that determine if an item is anything more than worthless junk:

  • Is it something I can use? Do I have a spot on my character’s equipment where they would fit in and be beneficial? If not, then don’t waste your time taking them unless there are absolutely no other options available to take (such as when someone else has already taken all the good stuff).
  • Is it better than what I already have equipped? If so, go ahead and equip it since there’s no reason not do so now; otherwise leave it where it was found until later when something better comes along!

Always hit your shots

You should always try to hit your shots. This means aiming for the head. If you’re still new to the game, don’t be afraid to miss! Just keep practicing and soon you’ll be able to land those headshots with ease.

If the enemy is far away from you, it’s best not to waste your bullets on them; they’ll likely run out of ammo before they can get close enough for you to use your weapon effectively. If they are closer however, then try and aim for their torso or legs instead so that they can’t move around quite as freely as before and might even take some damage if they take cover behind something like a crate or wall (or another player).

pubg mobile is a great game and with these tips, you will get better at it.

pubg mobile is a great game, and these tips can help you get better at it.


We hope these tips have helped you improve your pubg mobile game play.

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