BEST Minecraft xbox 360 Seeds 2017 (Unique worlds)


Minecraft is a great game, but most of all its FUN! To make the game even more fun we have put together some cool seed codes for you to enter when starting a new game. These can be used on any version of Minecraft including XBOX 360, PC or PS4.

1. Village island in sky!

  • Village island in sky!

Seed: -701939625

Description: A village island in the sky! This is a great seed for those who enjoy building villages and towns. The seed has a large flat area on which to build, plus a cave system directly under it that you can use as storage or for your mineshaft. There is also plenty of trees, rocks and grass around the island to get started with.

2. Open prison!

This is a great seed for people who like to explore. The results of this seed will lead you to the spawn point and you’ll find an abandoned prison, but that’s not all! You can also find a village with a blacksmith in it, as well as plenty of other nice features. There’s a ravine, desert temple (with ghasts), witch hut and stronghold.

3. Water temple and desert village!

This seed will spawn you in a desert village. It’s right next to a water temple that has lots of diamonds and gold, emeralds, iron, coal, redstone and lapis lazuli. This is one of the best seeds for xbox 360 minecraft players!

4. Double village, desert temple and more!

Seed: -86853014

This seed has a double village that you can find right on the spawn point. There is also an ocean monument that is close by, so you can find it there. It’s a great place to start off your game!

Description: This seed has a double village which can be found right at spawn on this world. There are also some desert temples and other interesting things to explore along with it!

5. 5 Villages & Witch Hut!

If you’re looking for a good Minecraft xbox 360 seed, then this one is a great choice.

This seed has five villages and a witch hut in it! You can find the seed by entering -9290618 into your Minecraft world generator. The villages are all pretty close together, so it’s not too difficult to find them, even if you don’t have any other landmarks near your spawn point (which is where the game will start you when you first join).

6. Three villages and two temples!

Not only do you get three villages, but they’re all pretty close to each other! There’s also two temples nearby.

7. Two villages, a stronghold and a temple!

This seed has three villages: one desert village, one jungle village and one plains village. In our opinion that’s the best combination of biomes. You’ll also find a stronghold in the desert and a temple right next to it! We can’t wait to see all the things you guys build with this seed!

The unique thing about this seed is that all those villages are connected by bridges with each other and with some natural landmarks like mountains or hills.

8. Village in the cave – VILLAGE IN THE CAVE!!!

This seed is one of my favorites. The village is in a cave, and the cave is a ravine. The ravine itself is fairly large and contains multiple caves as well as other features like waterfalls and open areas. This makes for an interesting mix of features that you can explore and enjoy!

9. A Large Ravine and a Village!!

This is by far my favorite seed. I have used it over and over again, because it’s just so cool! The ravine is pretty deep, with a nice waterfall at the bottom. And at the very bottom of the ravine there’s a village! You’ll have to dig down a long way until you can reach it though, but it’s worth it for sure! If you like building castles or houses in unusual places then this is your world to use!

10. The Castle Seed – 3 castles close by!! 😀

This seed is one of the best and most fun Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds. It’s got a lot of resources, a village nearby, and there are 3 castles in the area! The castles are close enough that you can walk to them easily. You can find many different biomes here: plains, desert and mesa biome are all near the castle. There’s also a jungle biome nearby with lots of caves around it!

This is definitely one of my favorite seeds ever because it has everything I like about Minecraft xbox 360 in one world: villages, resources galore (such as diamonds), dungeons/villages underground where you can find some rare loot (golden apples) which help your health bar recover faster than normal food does when playing survival mode..

Minecraft is fun

Minecraft is the best game ever! It’s so much fun to play and you can do lots of different things in it. You can build stuff, you can kill zombies, you can fight creepers and spiders, you can explore new worlds. You could also try out some cool seeds for Minecraft xbox 360.


There you have it! All of these seeds are a great place to start or continue your Minecraft adventure. The ones with the most votes in the comments will be moved up to the top of this list, so make sure to leave a comment with your favorite seed if it isn’t already on here!

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