Zombs io for you beginners out there! A step-by-step guide to playing Zombs io.


Zombs io is a fun game that’s easy to learn, but hard to master. At first, you may struggle to keep your base safe while slaying monsters and collecting gold. But with this guide, you’ll be playing Zombs io like a pro in no time!

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Zombs io is a zombie survival game.

Zombs io is a survival game where you play as the last human on earth. Your goal is to survive for as long as possible by building a base and killing zombies. The game has many features that make it more fun than other games in its genre, such as collecting gold from dead zombies, using your imagination to build your base and making friends with other players who also want to survive!

Find and equip armor during the day while you explore the map.

At first, it can be difficult to determine which armor you should equip. However, keep in mind that the best way to find out what armor is best for you is to experiment with different pieces until you find one that works well for your playstyle.

You will find many types of armor throughout your travels on Zombs io. The first layer of defense is your clothing, which all players start with when they begin the game and cannot be changed or removed (though it can be upgraded). Clothes are still important because they function as a buffer between you and any monsters that try to attack you from behind; however, once a player reaches level five and meets the requirements needed to equip their backpack, they will no longer need this extra protection since their backpack provides better protection without taking up space in their inventory!

Slay monsters to collect gold, which you can use to build defenses.

In Zombs io, you can use gold to buy defenses, weapons, and armor. You might also want to buy potions if you need health or mana (or both) in a hurry. You can also use it to buy houses so that your character has more space in which to live!

Finally, you can upgrade your character by buying upgrades with your hard-earned gold.

Upgrade your armor and weapons every night as the hordes of zombies become stronger.

This is a great way to get ahead early on in the game. The higher level armor and weapons you have, the more damage you can inflict on zombies. The hordes of zombies will begin to grow stronger as the days go by, so you need to be prepared.

It’s important not to spend all your gold on upgrading armor and weapons though, because if you do this then you won’t have enough money left over for repairs or supplies (such as healing items).

Surround your base with walls and traps to protect it from wandering zombies.

As you play Zombs io, you should try to surround your base with walls and traps. Zombies are attracted to walls, so the more walls around your base, the better. Use a shovel to build them up quickly!

If there’s an open side of your perimeter that has limited space for building (for example, if it is too small or narrow), don’t worry—if there is enough room for a zombie to walk through when it spawns in front of the opening (and not be trapped by other zombies), then they can reach in and attack you!

You can also add traps like spikes or fire pits outside of your perimeter so that zombies that find their way past the walls will take damage when they get close:

Place turrets around your base to shoot approaching zombies at range.

  • Turrets are the best defense in Zombs io.
  • Turrets can be placed anywhere on the map and they’re initially weak, but they can be upgraded to shoot faster and longer.
  • You can also upgrade turrets to shoot more projectiles at once.

Save up for your dream house from the in-game store.

You can get your dream house from the in-game store, but it’s going to cost a lot! However, saving up for your dream home is worth it if you want to live in style.

To save up for your dream house, play Zombs io and complete daily missions. You’ll earn gold coins (the currency) and zombucks (the money). These can be used in the shop for upgrades, new guns or even houses!

Once you have enough gold coins and zombucks saved up, visit the shop by tapping on it at the bottom of your screen. Your first house will cost 450 gold coins and 150 zombucks—but don’t worry; once you’ve bought one house you’re able to purchase more as long as you have enough money!

Stock up on potions in case you’re overwhelmed by monsters.

Potions are a great way to regenerate health in Zombs io. They’re useful for when you’re surrounded by a lot of enemies and need to get out of the situation quickly. You can buy potions from the in-game store, or find them in chests, crates, barrels, and treasure chests scattered throughout the map.

Complete quests for more gold!

The quests in Zombs io are one of the most important things to do, as they give you a lot of gold. But there are many things you must keep in mind when completing quests.

  • Quest rewards are randomized, so you may get something you don’t need or use. This is especially true for items like potions and runes, which are consumable items that cannot be used at all after one use (or even before).
  • Quest rewards aren’t guaranteed, but if they’re useful for your build, then it’s worth it! However, if they don’t fit into your current build or playstyle, then they might not be worth taking.
  • Certain quest rewards like potions and runes have limited uses (one time only), so even if they’re useful for your needs right now—you will not be able to use them again once consumed!

Look for the giant tree that spawns a chest with items at night! The chest disappears when the sun comes out, so be sure to reach it before daybreak!

There is a giant tree that spawns a chest at night. The chest is filled with gold, armor, and potions. It disappears when the sun comes out, so make sure you reach it before daybreak!

Zombs io has a lot of fun content to explore, but there are some things you should know before getting started:

You can play this game like a pro in no time!

You can start playing Zombs io now.

There are lots of people playing it, and more every day. There are lots of people who are new to the game, too! The game is fun and challenging, but not too difficult to learn. With this guide, you’ll be able to know all the things that make up this awesome game and how they work together so that you can play it just like a pro in no time!


You can have hours of fun in Zombs io, and we hope that you do! We know it’s a bit of a learning curve if you haven’t played a game like this before, so we tried to make this guide as accessible as possible. If you want more strategies like these, please check out our other articles at our website.

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