5 Things I Loved about GIMKit Live


I just returned from GIMKit Live and had an amazing time! Here’s five things I loved about the event:

The energy of the event

The energy of the event was great. The energy of the event was positive. The energy of the event was uplifting. The energy of the event was motivational and inspiring, and contagious!

The people

My first time at GIMKit Live was amazing. I learned so much and the people were great!

One of my favorite aspects about the event was how approachable and friendly everyone was. Not only did they welcome you onsite, but they also helped out with any questions you had during your time at GIMKit Live.

Even though it was a large scale event with hundreds of people in attendance, I still felt like I could approach any one of them for help or advice if I needed it. And most importantly: even though there were so many attendees, no one seemed to feel left out or overwhelmed by the crowd! Everyone was willing to share their experiences and knowledge with each other; nothing went unshared! It was truly an inspiring experience!

The sessions

The sessions were informative, interesting, fun and interactive. The presenters were engaging and educational. It was a great experience!

The snacks in the kit

The snacks in the kit were a nice surprise.

The snacks were also an excellent reminder of the event, and served as a nice treat for me to enjoy at home.

The bag and GIMKit swag

GIMKit swag is always a nice touch. Tote bags and pens are great for carrying your laptop, books, or any other miscellany you might have in your bag. They’re also good reminders of the past event—and a great way to show off your GIMKit experience!


While I was sad to see the event wrap up, I can’t think of a better way to spend my day. I had so much fun, learned some great tips, and met a ton of amazing people who are passionate about GIMKit. If you’re reading this and wondering if next year’s event will be as good as everyone says it is: the answer is yes. It was one of the best events I’ve ever been to!

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