25 Best Retro Bowls of All Time


This retro bowl list is a mix of bowls from different decades and artistic movements. There are baskets from the Bauhaus art school, aluminum mixing bowls from the 1960s, salad serving sets from the 1960s and more! I have included vintage as well as modern pieces. My favorite bowl on this list might just be the colorful rubberwood salad bowl set – what about you?

Swirl Bowls

Swirl Bowls

Swirl bowls are a popular and fun style to collect. They can be used for everyday use and entertaining, making them a great gift idea that anyone will appreciate. These bowls typically have a modern shape with the aforementioned swirl design, but they can also be found in round or square shapes if you prefer something more traditional.

Tiki Bowls

If you want to serve snacks and appetizers in a bowl that looks like it’s straight out of Polynesia, then a tiki bowl is for you. Tiki bowls are large, ceramic bowls with the head of a tiki god or goddess on them. The classic shape is an open-mouthed monster face with white eyes and red lips. Tiki heads have been around since the early 20th century, but their popularity really took off when American soldiers returned home from World War II with souvenirs from their travels in Hawaii and Polynesia.

Tiki bowls are often used as serving dishes for snacks like chips or nuts at cocktail parties or backyard barbecues because they’re big enough to hold plenty but small enough not to take up too much space on your table (or floor!). They’re also great for serving appetizers like crackers topped with cheese or veggies; just make sure to put the food inside before bringing it out so nobody thinks you’ve been leftovers from last night’s party!

Portmerion Botanic Garden Bowl

The Portmerion Botanic Garden Bowl is an iconic, large bowl made of stoneware.

It’s a piece from the 1960s and was designed by Arthur Grice, who was inspired by his travels through the Mediterranean. This retro bowl has a vibrant blue color with white accents throughout its design. The Portmerion Botanic Garden Bowl is perfect for serving salads, pasta dishes and even desserts!

Danish Modern Oval Bowl

Danish Modern Oval Bowl by Hans Wegner

The Danish modern oval bowl is a versatile piece that can be used in so many ways. The design was created by famed Danish furniture designer Hans J. Wegner, and it’s available in red or white stoneware—either color will complement your kitchen beautifully. This bowl is made of stoneware, which means it’s durable enough to withstand everyday use (and abuse). It also makes an attractive serving piece when filled with food or other items, like fruit or flowers!

As you might expect from a Danish design, this retro vessel features clean lines and simple angles that are pleasing to the eye while still evoking the elegance expected from its era. This unique shape looks great on any table where you want something different from your typical round serving dish; try placing it next to some other old-school pieces for a cohesive look that isn’t overdone but still gives off plenty of charm!

Ceramic Fruit Bowl

Ceramic fruit bowls are the best for serving fruit. They are microwave safe, dishwasher safe and breakable. These bowls are also expensive, light weight and heavy. Ceramic fruit bowls are fragile but they don’t hold heat as well as other materials like glass or metal. This kind of bowl can be used for many different things because it is versatile in its uses!

Leapfrog Bowls

Leaping Frog Bowls were made in Sweden by the company Fruktform in the 1950s. They are of a high quality and are very sturdy. The bowls are shaped like frogs leaping with fish in their mouths, making them extremely unique to add to your collection! These bowls are great for serving fruit or nuts if you want something cute on your table, but can also be used as everyday dishes if you prefer that look instead of something more formal.

Leaping Frog Bowls make ideal gifts because they’re so interesting and different from other types of bowls out there today; not only will your friends enjoy seeing these little guys come alive when filled with food or drink, but they’ll think of you every time they use them (especially if it’s something healthy).

Midcentury Salad Bowl

The Midcentury Salad Bowl by Anchor Hocking is a simple, elegant salad bowl. It’s made of glass, so it can be washed in the dishwasher and it’s also safe to use on the stovetop or in the microwave. The design is similar to that of other ceramic bowls that look like they’re straight out of your grandma’s china cabinet, but this one has a modern flair.

The set comes with two bowls—one smaller than the other—so you can serve salads or fruit in style!

Modern Picnic Set = Tote with Tray and Bowls by Dave Malone

You know that feeling when you’re going on a picnic and everything is perfect except for the fact that your tote bag doesn’t come with a matching tray? Your friend has one but it’s just not the same.

If this sounds like you, then this is the set for you. The Modern Picnic Set includes a custom-designed aluminum tote bag, two bowls, and a matching aluminum tray. The set is available in six colors: red/white stripes; black with white dots; navy blue with red dots; purple with white polka dots; yellow (sorry no picture); mauve (sorry no picture). All of these colors give off an elegant vibe while still being very modern and cool! If none of those colors appeal to you they also come in classic black or silver so no matter what mood or style you’re trying to achieve these are sure to make heads turn!

1970’s Pineapple Glass Punch Bowl Set

Made from glass, this set of six vintage pineapple bowls are a stylish addition to any buffet or bar. The bowls are hand wash only for ease of use.

Hand wash recommended

Dishwasher safe

Fiestaware : Turquoise, Cobalt & Sunflower Bowls

Fiestaware is made of stoneware and is known for the glaze, which gives it its sparkly look. As such, Fiestaware has been manufactured since the 1950s and continues to be produced today.

In the 1950s (and early 60s), they were made using a hard orange-colored glaze called Fiesta in various shapes and sizes. In 1962, they introduced turquoise as another color option that became more popular with consumers than Fiesta. It was also around this time that they began offering their wares in cobalt blue as well as turquoise; however, this didn’t become a permanent fixture until 1968 when the company released its Sunflower line of bowls—which featured those three colors on all of its dishes!

Aluminum Textured Serving Bowl & Lid 1950’s Vintage Kitchenware Kitchen Decor Retro Kitchen Storage Container Yellow Metal Food Container

This aluminum serving bowl and lid is perfect for serving food or even storing leftovers. It’s made from a vintage piece that features a textured design on the outside, with a smooth interior. The lid attaches to the bowl with an internal clamp, so it sits flush against the rim of the bowl when closed.

This retro kitchen accessory can be used in any kitchen, whether modern or retro!

Stainless Steel Salad Serving Bowl – Large Vintage Mid Century Modern Retro Dining Stainless Steel 7 Piece Salad Serving Set – Minimalistic Modern Farmhouse Handles For Ease of Carrying – Clear Plastic Acrylic Shaker – Fall Thanksgiving Dinner Table Setting – Christmas New Years Eve Gift Idea – 8.5 inch diameter x 3.5 inch depth by La Jolie Muse – FREE EBOOK GIFT! (Stainless Steel)…

This bowl is a great size for serving salads and sides. I love that it’s clear, so you can easily see what’s inside of it. The stainless steel makes this an excellent choice if you’re looking to add a touch of modern elegance to your table setting.

The bowl has a simple design that won’t take away from the food itself, but will still look nice on display. It comes in four different sizes, which is great because some people prefer larger or smaller dishes for their meals!

I’m giving this set five stars because the price per piece is very affordable compared to other options I’ve seen available online and in stores. This makes each individual piece an affordable option for any occasion: whether it’s Thanksgiving dinner or New Year’s Eve party!

The Pioneer Woman Adeline 12-Piece Glassware Embossed Footed Tumbler and Drinking Glass Set Retro-Inspired Glass Mugs and Water Goblets, Multicolored (Pink, Green, Blue & Purple) by The Pioneer Woman

These tumblers are a great way to add some new retro flair to your household. Made of glass, they come in a variety of colors, and they’re made by The Pioneer Woman herself. They’re perfect for parties and holidays!

The bowls are made from high-quality glass that’s sure to last you a long time. In fact, the manufacturer offers a lifetime replacement warranty if you have any problems with it!

There are many beautiful bowl styles to consider.

A bowl is a container used to hold food or other items.

The word “bowl” can also refer to a vessel used in cooking and serving food, and it’s the latter definition we’ll be focusing on here. While bowls come in all shapes, sizes and materials (ceramic, wood, glass), they’re most often made of plastic. This makes them inexpensive and sturdy enough to handle being washed in the dishwasher regularly without breaking down over time—a major benefit when you’re using your favorite bowl every day! In addition to durability, there are many other features that make these bowls attractive for everyday use:


Here’s to retro bowls. They may not know it, but they’re responsible for so much of the great food we eat today. Without them, we wouldn’t have that cheesy pasta dish you love or your favorite dessert—because without bowls, there’s no way to serve it! We hope this article has inspired some ideas about what kind of bowl would best suit your kitchen. Happy cooking!

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