What If a Video Game Made You Money


Video games are a lot of fun and can be a great way to make money. So, I was surprised when I found out that there is actually a game that allows you to make money while playing it. It’s called BitLife and it’s a mobile game that lets you experience life in the digital world as an avatar. You can choose your gender, your name, and have complete control over how your character lives their life.

I’ve been playing this game for around three years now and have made over $5,000 as an in-app purchase. This isn’t my main source of income (I’m still freelancing), but it has been nice to get some extra cash while doing something that I love. The best part is that the more time you put into learning the mechanics of the game, the better chance you have at making more money.”

A video game that makes you money?

Imagine a video game that pays you to play. You know, like how some games let you buy in-game currency with real money and buy that way? That’s pretty cool! And what if the game also paid out real money when you won? Wait, no it doesn’t stop there. What if this game paid out even more when you shared it with your friends? Now we’re talking!

The truth is that there are actually several games like this out there—and they might be among the most popular genres of more traditional gambling games on mobile platforms these days. If the thought of making money from playing games appeals to you but gambling is not your thing (or if it does appeal but you don’t feel comfortable doing so), then these alternatives could be worth exploring by anyone who loves playing video games!

Or is it just a sales gimmick?

It’s possible that you’re thinking, “Ooh, sales gimmick! I’m on board!” But there are a few things to consider before you jump into the deep end.

First off, what is a sales gimmick? It’s a trick that companies use in order to get you to buy something. If they can’t convince you with their product’s merits or features, they’ll try whatever they can to make it seem like it’s worth your money—even if it isn’t. The classic example of this is the $19.99 price tag on something that retails for around $9 and comes in six different colors: nine bucks up front only gets you one color; if you want all six, then pay us another nineteen dollars!

So why would anyone ever fall prey to such shenanigans? Because we’re humans and we think with our emotions instead of logic sometimes—and these guys have figured out how people tick by doing extensive research on marketing methods and psychology (which means their subconscious is probably pretty good at detecting bullshit).

Who would make a game to potentially make people money?

There are a number of people who would be interested in making a game that could potentially make players money.

The obvious first group is the game developers and publishers. They are the ones who make these games, after all. They want to make more money off their players, so it’s only natural they’ll want to create games that give players the opportunity to earn rewards while they’re playing.

Another group that might find this idea appealing is streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube Gaming that allow people to live stream their gameplay online for others around the world to watch and enjoy. These platforms often share ad revenue with their users for hosting those streams, but if there were an opportunity for those viewers (or even other viewers) to send virtual currency directly into your account during gameplay, you could potentially earn much more than just sharing ads!

And finally there’s another group I haven’t talked about yet: game designers themselves! While it might seem strange at first glance because most designers would rather create new experiences than use up existing ones on purpose (like designing a “play-to-win” system), there are actually plenty of reasons why someone would want this kind of feature added into their games too – especially if they wanted them played more often instead of less often.”

Video games are fun and there are a few that will pay you to play them.

Video games are fun and there are a few that will pay you to play them. This is a new concept, but it is possible to earn money by playing video games. To get paid, you have to be very good at the game and the game has to be very popular. These are two separate things: if you’re not very good at playing a game and it’s not popular then no one will pay you (or even know about) your skills!

You might think that being smart enough to make money from video games would mean that you’d want nothing more than an office job where all day long someone pays attention when something needs doing right away so they can see how good of an employee they really are… But this isn’t true! It turns out some people actually enjoy putting themselves in uncomfortable positions where they just don’t know what’ll happen next or how everything will turn out afterwards; maybe because those same people don’t want things too easy either? Either way–it’s different strokes for different folks–and how much fun would life be if everyone thought like us anyway?


These video games are a fascinating concept. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play a game that pays you? The idea is great and might even be the future of gaming. There are many things to consider though when it comes to these games. These games can also be costly because you need a powerful computer or console with up-to-date hardware to run them. However, once you have one of these machines, then you have the potential for making money from playing video games as long as they remain popular enough to continue getting updates and support from developers

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