the new call of duty is everything gamers were hoping for but be aware the game pushes the limits of your video card.


Infinity Ward has been at the forefront of video game development since they first released Call of Duty in 2003. Now, with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (Activision, 2009), it’s clear that the company has set a new standard for realistic military shooters. In this article, we examine the game’s key elements and provide an overview of what’s sure to be one of the year’s hottest titles.

Section: The Story

What this section does: Provides an overview of what’s sure to be one of the year’s hottest titles. Outline of the post:

Section: The Gameplay

Section: Graphics & Hardware Requirements

Section: Facing a Green Screen?

Takeaway: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is everything gamers were hoping for but be aware that it pushes the limits of your video card. Overall, Call Of Duty is the best new release in years!

the new game

The new game is everything fans were hoping for. It has an interesting backstory, which is that the aliens have always been with us, and this game is no exception. But what really impresses gamers is the new graphics engine created by Infinity Ward. The graphics are so good that they’ll blow you away! And if you play on PC or PlayStation 4 Pro (which has a higher frame rate), actual aliens will come out of your TV screen and attack you in real life!

is everything that fans were hoping for.

  • The game is visually stunning. You can tell that the developers put a lot of time into creating a realistic world for you to explore.
  • The game has a great story. It’s easy to follow and makes sense, even though it’s set in an apocalyptic future where everything has gone wrong.
  • The game is a lot of fun to play. It takes place in an alternate universe where players are fighting off waves of zombies by shooting them with machine guns, rifles, and other weapons until they die or run away screaming like little girls (depending on how good you are at playing).
  • Players who played the first Call Of Duty know what they’re getting into here: more action-packed gameplay than ever before! If there were any complaints about Modern Warfare 2 being too easy—well now those concerns have been put to rest once again thanks too many new features including one level where there may be no gun advantage whatsoever so don’t expect much help from this guide either way

it has an interesting backstory.

The game is set in the future, which is interesting. It’s not your typical post-apocalyptic world, but rather a futuristic one. The game’s backstory is something to be excited about: it takes place in a dystopian future that has been ravaged by war and environmental damage. This makes for an interesting setting and gives you plenty of reasons to go around shooting stuff up with your friends!

always has been with us.

This year’s release, while still a hit with fans, is also something of a bittersweet swan song for the series. While it features many new features and improvements, it’s clear that CoD has been in need of an overhaul for quite some time now. It’s evident that Sledgehammer Games did their best to make this new title worthy of carrying on Call of Duty’s legacy—but if you’ve been following the series since its 2003 debut with Call of Duty: Finest Hour (and even before then), then you’ll be able to recognize what exactly is missing from this installment.

There have been rumors circulating that Activision is planning on jumping ship from Infinity Ward as well as Sledgehammer Games’ Treyarch Studios in order to bring about another developer for future installments; however, no official announcements have yet been made concerning where things will go from here. You can expect more information soon enough though!

and this game is no exception.

  • The story is gripping, with a few surprises along the way.
  • The characters are well-developed and likable.
  • The graphics are stunning, from the environments to cutscenes and lighting effects.
  • The sound is immersive, from gunfire to explosions to footsteps on concrete (and other surfaces).
  • Gameplay is smooth and responsive; this isn’t some clunky PC port that makes you want to throw your controller across the room like so many games before it have done in recent years!
  • Multiplayer has been given a complete overhaul compared with previous Call of Duties/Modern Wars/etc., which means that if you’re coming into this fresh with no experience playing any other CoD game before now then there’s going to be plenty here for you too — but if all you’ve ever played was Modern Warfare 1 & 2 then be aware: This Is Not Your Daddy’s Call Of Duty Anymore!

but what really impresses gamers is the new graphics engine created by infinity ward.

The graphics are amazing. The graphics are the best part of the game. The graphics are like nothing you have ever seen before.

The new Call of Duty has the best graphics I’ve ever seen in a video game, and they look better than anything on TV or at a movie theater right now.

the game does have some downsides

You might want to consider buying a new video card and processor if you are planning on playing this game. You also need a very fast internet connection, because the game requires an internet connection to play.

it will require a high end video card.

The game is very demanding and requires a high end video card. If you don’t have one, the game will not be playable. It will be unplayable even if your PC has an integrated (onboard) graphics chip.

overall, call of duty is the best new release in years

Overall, Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII is a great experience. The graphics are amazing and the game is fun to play. It will challenge you but also be immersive enough where you can lose yourself in it for hours at a time.


So, should gamers spend $60 on this game? If you’re a fan of the series, then yes. The new game is everything that fans were hoping for and more. The graphics are great and the story is compelling. The only downside is that the game requires a powerful computer to run on optimum settings. But if you have a high-end PC or console system, then you should definitely try out call of duty: black ops 2!

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