The Issue With The Current Setlist In GH Live


The setlist in Guitar Hero Live is a subject of debate amongst many fans and newcomers alike. Some people say that the songs should be more modern while others insist that they should remain closer to the original Guitar Hero games. The setlist is just not up to modern day standards and it needs to change to help draw in new players, as well as old players who have been disillusioned by a lack of fresh content.

The setlist is a throwback to past games

The setlist is a throwback to past games. The issue with this is that the songs are too easy to play, and not representative of modern genres of music.

The songs are too easy to play

The setlist in GH Live is full of songs that are too easy to play. Some of the songs have only two notes, and some don’t even have any chords. This can be very frustrating because if you like playing guitar, then most likely you will want a challenge when it comes to playing a song on expert. But in GH Live there aren’t many challenges for players looking for songs with lots of notes and chords or difficult patterns that require practice.

If you love rhythm games then this game might not be for you since all the songs are repetitive and similar to previous Guitar Hero games such as Rock Band 3 or Rock Band 4 (or every other version). This means that if you have played either one before, then there won’t be anything new here except maybe some minor changes such as new lyrics or different instruments being used throughout each track but overall nothing has changed much since their last release which makes these titles rather boring after awhile due to lacklustre gameplay mechanics which leads me onto my next point…

The songs do not properly represent more modern genres of music

The setlist is not representative of modern music. The songs, while they may sound all right, are not representative of genres as they are now. This can be seen as a problem because it’s an opportunity to introduce players to new genres and expand their musical horizons.

Many fans feel that the setlist for guitar hero live is not unique and does not represent modern day music genres

Many fans feel that the setlist for guitar hero live is not unique and does not represent modern day music genres. The songs are too easy to play, making them boring and repetitive. The soundtrack was chosen from a list of songs that have been featured in previous games in the Guitar Hero series, but it does not reflect current trends in rock or pop music.

As you may know, music today often sounds different than it did several years ago because of changes in technology and culture. New genres have emerged over time—like dubstep, rap metal and trap—but these subgenres are nowhere to be found on GH Live’s setlist!


In the end I feel like guitar hero live is a great game but is just held back by its lack of varied setlist. It does not represent modern music and it does not offer much in difficulty for seasoned guitar hero players. Guitar Hero Live offers many new things to the franchise but doesn’t really go past that point.

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