The Best Free Games for Your Android Device


The Apple vs. Android debate has been going on for years, and everyone has their own opinion about it. Android users love the ability to customize their phone and the thousands of apps available. No matter what your preference is, Android phones are a great alternative to iPhones! One of the best things about an android device is all of the free games available for download in Google Play Store. Here are some of our favorite free games that you can play on your android device:

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is a side-scrolling endless runner that puts you in control of Alto, a snowboarder who has been tasked with saving his local village from a massive snowstorm. The gameplay mechanics are simple but engaging: you must use left and right swipes to make your way down hills, jumping over obstacles and collecting coins along the way. Your goal is to travel as far as possible, unlocking new characters and items along the way.

The game features beautiful vistas that change based on the time of day (nighttime brings out stars), which makes it feel like an interactive work of art rather than just another mobile game. You can also unlock new characters with unique attributes such as speed boost or higher jump height; this feature gives players an added incentive to keep playing since they’ll want to see how far each character can go!

As for gameplay tips and strategies? Well…the simplest one I can give would be tap rapidly once you start going downhill so that Alto doesn’t lose momentum while getting there; otherwise he’ll slow down too much before reaching his destination point (or if there’s any obstacles). Also remember not to touch any obstacles because then your game will end immediately!

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GT Racing 2: The real car experience

If you like racing games, then this is the one for you. This is a fun and easy game to learn how to play. It is also exciting and challenging. You get to drive different cars on different tracks that include dirt, snow, asphalt and more! You will be able to choose from over 40 different vehicles from all kinds of manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Ford, Hyundai/Kia Motors and Nissan/Infiniti Motor Company as well as many others including Volkswagen Group’s Bugatti brand which was added in 2017 after being removed from GT6 due to licensing issues with EA Sports’ FIFA series using their logo on their F1 car trailers in real life football videogames (only around 5% of those who play those types of games actually know what they are talking about).

One More Dash

One More Dash is a fun platformer game that is fun to play and free to download. It’s great for playing with friends, family or your kids. There are plenty of levels for you to try out and get better at before you move on to another one.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is a racing game that has been developed by Gameloft and is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. The game is free to download and play, but it does contain in-app purchases. It features over 200 licensed cars, 15 real tracks (including Tokyo, London, Venice and Dubai), as well as local multiplayer races, tournaments and challenges.


Canabalt is a side-scrolling endless runner video game developed by Adam Saltsman and published by Semi Secret Software. It was first released for the Apple iPhone on August 7, 2009, where it became a major success. The same day, it was also released for the iPod Touch and iPad.

In this game you have to help a man run away from an evil robot chasing him through rooftops. Your main objective is to run as far as possible and avoid getting caught by robots at all costs!

Hitman Go

Hitman Go is a turn-based strategy game where you play as Agent 47, the professional assassin. The gameplay is set in a world of beautifully rendered dioramas and each level plays like a board game. You have to move around your pieces (Agent 47 and his enemies) across the board, avoiding traps and collecting power-ups that help you complete your mission.

The controls are simple: tap on the screen to move Agent 47 one space; tap on an enemy to target them; tap again when you’re ready to take them out. There are also special tiles that give bonuses via stealth or firepower upgrades if you can reach them before they disappear into other, less useful tiles.

The story is pretty basic—you need to kill two gangsters who stole some plutonium from a nuclear power plant—but it serves its purpose well enough without getting in the way of what really matters: playing through increasingly challenging levels as quickly as possible while looking cool doing it! And since each round lasts only about 10 minutes max., there won’t be much time spent trying not just for high scores but also finding creative ways around obstacles like lasers or spikes.”

Minecraft Pocket Edition

If you’re looking for a game where you can do whatever you want, look no further than Minecraft Pocket Edition. The game allows players to build whatever they want in their own virtual world, and even play with other people online. If your friends aren’t around, don’t worry—Minecraft Pocket Edition also allows users to play by themselves and create anything from houses and castles to roller coasters! This game is great for those who love building elaborate structures, especially when playing with others.

Into the Dead

Into the Dead is a survival video game developed by PikPok and released on iOS and Android platforms. The game was released on February 26, 2014 for iOS devices, with an Android version following shortly thereafter.

The player must use different types of weapons to fight off hordes of zombies as he or she journeys through the devastated landscape. There are several modes that the player can play including Campaign, Endless Mode and Challenge Mode.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a game about building a village and defending it from other players. There are several different things you can build: troops, buildings, and defenses. You can also attack other players in order to steal their resources and increase your own level. If you want some more help, there are clans that you can join!

Clash of Clans is free-to-play but offers plenty of ways to spend money on gems (the game’s currency). You earn gems by completing achievements or by completing quests; however, if you want to get an edge on your opponents’ armies without waiting for hours then we recommend buying them instead.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a puzzle game. It’s one of the best free games you can download for your Android device, and it’s also pretty addictive to play. You play as an unnamed princess who wakes up in a strange world. The goal is to get her out of this place by solving puzzles and getting through mazes.

The game has beautiful graphics that make it super fun to look at while playing it! It gets harder as you go along, but not so hard that you won’t want to keep playing. If you’re looking for something free that will help pass the time when bored or waiting on something else, this might be just what you need!

These are some great games to play on your android device.

These are some great games to play on your android device. They’re free, they’re fun and they’ll kill time while waiting in line or just when you’re bored.


These are the best games I recommend to anyone with an Android device. This year has seen a lot of great games come out on the Android platform, and it was really difficult narrowing down my list to just ten games. So I hope that you have enjoyed this list of my favorite games for Android devices this year!

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